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Jesus, the Coming Messiah- Star of Jacob (Numbers 24, Matthew 2)

Jesus, The Coming Messiah: Advent Readings from Old Testament to New
December 4: The Messiah as Star of Jacob
Readings: Numbers 24:15-19; Matthew 2:1-2, 9-10  510 more words



In History of Hymns: Hymn expresses longing for arrival of our Savior, Dr. C. Michael Hawn discusses the background and writing of the carol “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus”.  509 more words

Deep Truths

One of the things that Jesus teaches us about God is that He is sovereign. He is Lord over Heaven and Earth and does what He pleases, and sometimes it is hard for us to understand why He does what He does. 137 more words


Take Up Your Cross: Matthew 10:38

Jesus had very serious instructions for His disciples.

It’s challenging but it’s the best thing for us, and it’s what we really want when we recognize who Jesus is. 54 more words


Principles from Jesus

Jesus gave His disciples some very specific assignments for their first mission trip. These are found in Matthew 10.

They were totally appropriate to the culture of their day, but seem quite strange to us now. 31 more words


The Golden Rule of Love

What is the summary of all that Jesus taught us? It’s all about love. And it doesn’t contradict anything that is taught in the Old Testament – it’s the essence of the “Law and the Prophets.” 10 more words


What are you seeking?

(corresponds to Follow Me workbook: Unit 3, Lessons 1,2,3)

Make a list: What are you seeking? What are your needs, wants, and desires? How are you trying to meet your own needs? 118 more words