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And going into the house they (The magi) saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh. 758 more words


This is NOT the End - Matthew 24

This is the sermon series I am working on for the summer at Bethany EFC .

How often have you heard about wars, earthquakes and other natural disasters being signs that we are at the end of days. 247 more words


What IS Gospel? The Gospel of Matthew Teaching Series Week 1

What IS Gospel?
The Gospel of Matthew Teaching Series Week 1

The gospel according to Matthew.
What IS gospel? 

It’s an all-too-often forgotten question.

The very first word of this book inscribed before the lineage, before the story of Jesus’ birth, before the Sermon on the Mount, before the parables regarding the Kingdom of God. 445 more words


DIS(my con)CORD(ance)!

Dis(my con)Cord(ance)?

A concordance is helpful for finding how a word is used in the Bible.  One has to take care to check that the English is an accurate reflection of the original Hebrew or Greek and so a scholarly (i.e. 472 more words


The End could be the End of Me!

I grew up with these sorts of prophecy charts. I think that they are good in that they give some clarity to various theories of how the End Times will occur.   314 more words


A Different Kind of Royal Baby

I am currently preaching through Matthew, and the timing was perfect last weekend for our message on the arrival of the wise men in chapter 2. 210 more words

Who Killed Jesus? Matthew 27

Various individuals and groups have been labeled as the one or ones who killed Jesus. Just reading through Matthew 27, we find these 10 answers to the question. 14 more words