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The Patience of Gryphons: part the second

And so they waited, meditating, as each had done so many times before, on the moment their Three Hundred Years began.

As history wore on, in books of stories it began to be told that Greyclaw and Rainfeathers, Grimalkin’s gryphon familiars, nested in her skirts. 751 more words


Witchcraft in the Print Culture of Early Enlightenment England

This past fall, I took a course on Europe during the Enlightenment, and wrote a research paper on witchcraft in print culture during the latter half of the seventeenth century.  2,329 more words

So Matthew, how’d it go this year?

“Well, you know every Halloween is a good Halloween for me.  For 364 days of the year, I look kind of weird in all honesty.   463 more words


Pyewacket: lots of cats named “Pye”, why? If you’re of a certain age (born in the 60s at the very least) you might associate this name with the 1958 Jimmy Stewart/Kim Novak film… 522 more words


Opals : Mine to Market - Matthew Hopkins

Matthew Hopkins discussed the early Australian mines, mining processes and the stages opal goes through to get from mine to market. Matthew Hopkins is a partner in Hopkins Opal, a family mining, cutting, jewelry design, and wholesale distributor dealing in high quality Australian Opals. 1,324 more words

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Positively The Most Horrifying Film Ever Made

I’ve just watched a horror movie, originating from West Germany in 1970, written and directed by Michael Armstrong (“The Haunted House Of Horror”), titled “Mark Of The Devil” 460 more words