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Drouin jumps for gold, capping record week

In the days leading up to the world track and field championships, Derek Drouin played the words over and over in his head, like a song on repeat: You can win this. 821 more words


The Other

by Matthew Hughes

25 Words or Less: In humanity’s distant future, a corpulent criminal is caught with his pants down and whisked off one planet to be dumped on another… … 518 more words


My top ten "new" reads of 2014

I managed to fit over thirty novels under my belt this year (twenty-nine I can name for sure, plus a few more lurking in the shadows). 1,088 more words


Record Review: Necuratul - Sanguine Lupus Graves

Necuratul – Sanguine Lupus Graves – (Forever Plagued Records)

(Review by Matthew Hughes)

Necuratul are an old-school black metal band formed by Weird Wolf of Prosanctus Inferi and Black Funeral. 353 more words


Album Reviews: Necronautical and Satanic Dystopia

Necronautical: Black Sea Misanthropy
(Self released)

Review by Matthew Hughes

Necronautical are a blackened death metal band from the North West of England. Formed in 2010 by current Ethereal vocalist Naut, who provides vocals, guitars and drums on Necronautical’s recordings, the band use the medium of extreme metal to produce apocalyptic atmospheres reminiscent of Belphegor and Emperor. 645 more words


A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The tale is told about a farmer who got a surprise inspection from the agricultural wages board. The official wanted to see all the paperwork relating to any employed labour. 747 more words

Hell Awaits

Throughout the previous two novels in his To Hell and Back series (The Damned Busters and Costume Not Included), Matthew Hughes speculated that the Bible was merely a piece of mutable fiction written (and rewritten) by the Almighty. 336 more words

Published In 2013