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light|dark gets a new look!

The April 2012 mega collection light|dark, which introduced the world to the enigmatic monster-hunter Scarlett, the Reptilia virus, and the shadow organization Omega gets a shiny new look this month courtesy of a new cover designed by… 296 more words

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Carrots by Colleen Helme | Other Indie

Carrots is a 2011 mystery novel written by Colleen Helme and published through the Amazon CreateSpace platform, which allows original work to be published in a print-on-demand format. 1,028 more words

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Chris Walsh wins the nobel prize: Dream Journal

Oscar Wilde once wrote: ” A writer is someone who has taught his mind to misbehave,” and I firmly believe that to be true. My mind misbehaves. 1,643 more words

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Sam Bauer on Sci-Fi from the Rock

Young author Sam Bauer, who debuted in 2016’s stellar anthology collection Sci-Fi from the Rock has taken the time to share his thoughts and feelings about his neighboring stories in the collection. 811 more words

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Sinister Intent

Thomas Horton was a good cop.

Faced with early retirement as a result of his affiliation with the secretive and sometimes violent vigilante named Xander Drew, he tries to settle into civilian life: but there remain three unsolved cases from when he was on active duty. 252 more words

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Exodus of Angels

As Leigh struggles to get control of her powers and Theo returns to the demons of his past to find her aid, Victor and Jaycee venture to a palliative care unit in Los Angeles which holds a dark secret. 71 more words

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Top 5 Anticipated Releases of 2016

When it comes to distractions (and that is the name of this blog after all) nothing eats up more of my time than anticipation: that time spent waiting for the next novel in a series or the next season of a show of the next movie in a franchise. 816 more words

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