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Cinders review by Amanda Labonté

“Set in the extreme heat of a Los Angeles summer, Cinders fairly sizzles with mystery and crime drama. With great attention to detail, Matthew LeDrew tells a tale that deals not only with good and evil, but also the gray area in between. 113 more words

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Matthew LeDrew at the #LOLANL Writer's Circle!

In just 7 days at the Arts and Culture Center, local St. John’s author Matthew LeDrew will be co-hosting the first Engen Writer’s Circle of 2017! 1,757 more words

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Coming Feb 22: Writer's Circle - Presented by the Arts & Culture Center

Join Amanda Labonté, Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew, and Erin Vance as they discuss writing, the process of getting published, and being small press in Newfoundland as a part of the Arts & Culture Center’s “LOLA: love Our Loal Authors” month! 489 more words

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The NL Book Tax: Not for our readers

This year Newfoundland — which Engen Books calls home — became the first province in Canada to put a tax on books, adding 10% to what consumers pay at the register for all literature, bringing the total up to 15%. 440 more words

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Black Womb: Ultimate Collection announced

We were going to keep it secret, but Ellen Curtis spilled the beans to a local YouTuber at a recent show, so it seems like we should maybe get out ahead of this one. 103 more words

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Engen asks: What books are you most looking forward to in the first half of 2017? | Top Ten Tuesday

Ali House: A native Newfoundlander, Alison is a graduate of the Fine Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 364 more words

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light|dark gets a new look!

The April 2012 mega collection light|dark, which introduced the world to the enigmatic monster-hunter Scarlett, the Reptilia virus, and the shadow organization Omega gets a shiny new look this month courtesy of a new cover designed by… 296 more words