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Port de Bras

A couple nights ago, S and I were watching one of the X-men movies, and as Patrick Stewart stood up, I commented, “He is so graceful and elegant. 358 more words


Animal Room

Animal Room – 1995 – United States

To discipline unruly teenagers, a high school principal assigns them to a special classroom. Here they watch a strange hypnotic self-help film and antagonize each other. 329 more words

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Scooby Doo Moon Monster Madness: Dark Side Of The Moon (Movie Review)

Warner Brothers delivers the twenty-third, direct-to-DVD Scooby Doo movie with Moon Monster Madness. When the Mystery Machine’s gang wins the final five spots on a space mission, they find themselves battling an alien on the moon that looks  367 more words

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Match – Using the pretext of a dissertation, Lisa (Carla Gugino) and Mike (Matthew Lillard) interview Julliard ballet instructor Tobias (Patrick Stewart). Toby is wonderfully gay, tossing out French phrases, and loves talking about himself. 160 more words

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The lines eventually blur

I love my life,
I regret my life.
The lines eventually blur
and it’s just my life.

~ Tobi (Patrick Stewart) in Match

Match. See the movie. Highly recommended.

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Season 1 – Episode 8: ‘The Grasp Of The Gnome’ (2010) – TV Episode Review

You know, I have to admit that so far I have some pretty mixed feelings about: ‘Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’… I mean so far it does have some truly fun episodes… But like the first bunch of episodes that started out this season were really bad… But then the last episode was a total blast! 275 more words

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Actor Matthew Lillard stops at Fox 8 ahead of special movie screening

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Actor Matthew Lillard hit it big after starring as Stu in the movie, “Scream.” He then had a completely different role as the beloved Shaggy in “Scooby Doo.” 84 more words

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