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Darren Almond

‘Giving the landscape the time to express itself.’ (Undergang Armchair interview)

Full Moon Landscapes in The Guardian

Interview with Undergang Armchair

Darren Almond at Matthew Marks Gallery


Variations of One: Brice Marden’s Monchromes

For something that would seem so simple, so cut and dried, the idea of the monochrome painting has proved incredibly elastic. Supposedly a single color supported on a plane, its basic structure lacks analogy in other artistic mediums. 1,854 more words


Grand Funk: Karl Wirsum's Pioneering Art from the 1970s

The first published cartoon was attributed to Ben Franklin in the Pennsylvania gazette.  It was a rendering of severed parts of a snake (each representing one of the American colonies) that read ‘Join or Die’ beneath. 617 more words


Who Won?: The First Annual Art World Review of Previews

If there’s one thing the art world has agreed upon this fall, it’s that we’re all friggin’ pumped to see new work by painter Dana Schutz. 491 more words


Vincent Fecteau at Matthew Marks Gallery

Vincent Fecteau wears his heart on the wall. At certain angles, it reveals a protean burst of mad gargoyles and respectful silhouettes. But its construction depends so heavily on the flat plane at its back that it would feel disingenuous to look into it any way but head on. 265 more words

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