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Who Won?: The First Annual Art World Review of Previews

If there’s one thing the art world has agreed upon this fall, it’s that we’re all friggin’ pumped to see new work by painter Dana Schutz. 491 more words


The Art World's Seismic Shift Back to the Oddball

There are many artists who fit the romantic ideal of the socially awkward weirdo, but rarely are they celebrated in the gilded confines of New York City. 1,076 more words

Vincent Fecteau at Matthew Marks Gallery

Vincent Fecteau wears his heart on the wall. At certain angles, it reveals a protean burst of mad gargoyles and respectful silhouettes. But its construction depends so heavily on the flat plane at its back that it would feel disingenuous to look into it any way but head on. 265 more words

Matthew Marks Gallery

Michel Majerus at Matthew Marks Gallery

“Somebody wants to buy all your paintings!” shout the block letters in a small, sketchy black-and-white canvas that Michel Majerus made in 1994, updating Andy Warhol’s mid-’80s painting… 492 more words

Matthew Marks Gallery

Martin Puryear Joins Matthew Marks Gallery

You know him, you love him, and now he has a new gallery. That’s right, the estimable sculptor, Martin Puryear, the master of wood, is now represented by Matthew Marks Gallery. 45 more words

Matthew Marks Gallery