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How would Matthew Prior have negotiated Brexit? Part One.

While writing a book about Matthew Prior, poet, diplomat, and all-round charmer, I wonder if his strikingly persuasive personality could offer any commentary on Brexit?  This will take me a while.  597 more words

Matthew Prior: "The Art of the Deal"

An odd thing happened to me yesterday – something that I’m not sure has really happened to me for quite a while.

I had an idea. 774 more words

Matthew Prior - "A Better Answer"

It’s another light poem, marred quite severely by its patronizing tone. The subtitle of the poem is “To Cloe jealous” and it’s purpose is to explain to the poet’s lover, named conventionally Cloe, why she shouldn’t be. 147 more words


Matthew Prior - "An Epitaph"

I am going to do a bit of mash-up here, because at this point the 9th edition of the NAEL, which I have thanks to the courtesy of W. 316 more words