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The Instruments of the Tokyo String Quartet

Tokyo String Quartet pass on Paganini Quartet

by Matthew Westwood

The Australian, May 27, 2013

WHEN the members of the Tokyo String Quartet go their separate ways in July, they will be parting company with another fab four: a group of superb string instruments known as the Paganini Quartet. 359 more words

Musica Viva Australia

The Genesis of Genius in London

I recently read a review, ‘Unruly incubators of fertile minds’ by Matthew Westwood, and (The Australian 17/4/2012) of a book called ‘Imagine: The Science of Creativity’ by Jonah Lehrer. 410 more words

David Byerlee

Mingled with regards that stand aloof from the entire point.

-France, I, i, 240-242

“Talk about affirmative acting,” proclaims Matthew Westwood in The Australian, making full use of the pun quota straight off the bat. 648 more words

State Theatre Company

Utzon's final vision for the Sydney Opera House

The biggest upgrade to the Sydney Opera House since it opened in 1973 was announced Sunday: $152 million for essential backstage repairs and underground truck access. 374 more words

Arts And Culture

Music as autobiography

Conventional wisdom has it that we should not confuse the creator with the creation. In other words, a work of art is meant to exist in and of itself, independent of the artist. 397 more words

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Speaker's corner

This weekend I took myself to some of the talks being given as part of Sydney Writers’ Festival. There are, of course, many such festivals around the world and Sydney’s resembles the best of them. 195 more words

Arts And Culture

A weekend in the country

Sofala, in western NSW, is a town that holds several attractions for me. Nestled in a valley alongside the Turon River, it’s an especially charming and picturesque place. 194 more words

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