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Swings And Roundabouts

In a meeting with German business leaders in 1933, Hitler declared that “democracy” (i.e., actual parliamentary control) was fundamentally incompatible with a free-market capitalist economy …
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Count the errors from pro-Hillary writers

According to Matthew Yglesias:

Trump-branded signs intoning the slogan “THE SILENT MAJORITY STANDS WITH TRUMP” festoon his rallies, and optimistic writers invoke the notion of a silent majority to tout theories that the polls are undercounting Trump voters…

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Vox Writer Omits Key Facts to Downplay Clinton's Email Scandal

Vox writer, Matthew Yglesias, wrote a piece which is currently the site’s most popular with over six-thousand shares on Facebook alone—not to mention the number of times it has crossed my inbox. 528 more words

Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election - Updated by Matthew Yglesias@mattyglesiasmatt@vox.com Nov 2, 2016, 9:00am EDT

Imagine for a moment that Tuesday evening Americans gather ’round their Twitter feeds and television sets and begin to see that the polls were wrong. Not wrong by much, necessarily, but off by about 5 points in each state, meaning that Donald Trump will be elected president and that Republicans will maintain — or even slightly expand — their majorities in Congress. 1,208 more words

Point Of Interest

A normal campaign would disavow an army of twitter nazis

Matthew Yglesias tweeted:

I have a privileged life & no complaints but as a Jewish person with a Spanish name I’ve had a lot of “anxiety” sent my way this year.

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