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Hillary’s new line on Trump’s business career: “He’s Mitt Romney but bad at his job” http://bit.ly/28KzByv

Today Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going to roll out its first attack on Donald Trump over the economy, with an early afternoon speech in Ohio; a new web video attacking Trump’s statements on economic policy; and a new website, Art of the Steal, dedicated to attacking Trump’s career as a b http://bit.ly/28KzByv


Turn of Phrase

In most domains that aren’t politics, attracting a passionate minority following is a perfectly good business strategy. It’s a great way to secure ratings for a television show, for example, whether it’s The Apprentice or The Sean Hannity Show.

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Turn Of Phrase - Noon

Turn of Phrase

With many Americans voting for Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, we’ve been treated to millions of words worth of takes about the strands of populist discontent that fuel anti-establishment politics.

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Turn Of Phrase - Noon

Matthew Yglesias tells us not to worry about the new industrial revolution

Summary: The new industrial revolution has begun, yet we have not yet begun to prepare. An article by Matthew Yglesias, neo-lib story-teller extraordinaire, shows why. He explains that faith-based economics assures us all will work out for the best. 1,091 more words


Unimaginative geographies

Last week I was asked to contribute a 6-700 word Op-Ed to the Washington Post‘s In Theory series on ‘othering’ and the Middle East.  They wanted me to write about… 461 more words


The Democrats Are In Denial of The Fact That They Are In Trouble

The Republicans must take heart from the fact that the Democrats are in deep trouble and what makes it more encouraging is the fact that they don’t even see it. 571 more words