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Automation: Why the labor market needs to think of its future

Automation is one of the biggest issue of my generation, and it also happens to be a pet issue of mine. Hence, I thought we would take a break from the more information legal issues and instead focus on a brief discussion about the arguments surrounding what automation may (or may not) do to the global labor force in the next 15 to 20 years. 900 more words

Labor And Employment Law

Will Malcolm Gladwell Be Part of the Popular Front? - Episode 13

Malcolm Gladwell sells books with capitalist gusto, but how would he fare as part of a socialist political bloc? Sean and Paul consider whether, if the Popular Front were revived, Gladwell would be a comrade (along with co-belligerent Matthew Yglesias). 21 more words


The Comey Letter Actually Helped Hillary According To The Most-Cited Graph.

So…what if this was true – what if the national polling showed that when the Comey letter came out, Hillary’s support increased.

What if national polling showed that instead of there being scorn heaped on her for having her emails on a then-accused, now convicted scumbag’s laptop, what if people said enough is enough. 270 more words

Second Pillar - Our Campaigns Are Disasters

Male Journalists Are Mansplaining Politics to Chelsea Clinton on Twitter

Now that the 2016 election is over, the postmortems about Hillary Clinton’s “doomed” campaign are starting to emerge. But there’s another, Twitter-specific brand of vitriol being directed at Chelsea Clinton. 657 more words

Hillary Clinton

The Joy of Twitter

You hear this all the time: social media is harmful because it deprives us of authentic flesh-and-blood contact with fellow human beings. For example, yesterday I caught a piece on… 632 more words


Swings And Roundabouts

In a meeting with German business leaders in 1933, Hitler declared that “democracy” (i.e., actual parliamentary control) was fundamentally incompatible with a free-market capitalist economy …
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