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Nothing new.

I’ve been busy working a lot of OT and getting over a month of bronchitis. Meanwhile, nothing new on the Yankees’ front. Shelby Miller has been dangled by the Braves, but the asking price is Luis Severino. 93 more words

Mike's Musings

A function of dysfunction; Nationals get a manager, but questions about ownership are raised

We now conclude the most interesting twenty four hours the Nationals have had since they signed Max Scherzer this past January. Thank you for watching. 1,140 more words


Don Mattingly Parts Ways With Los Angeles

First off let me make this clear, I am not a fan of Don Mattingly (Hint he played for a team in the Bronx) but with that being said he was a sub-par manager. 505 more words

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Mattingly's 7th Inning Decision - Right or Wrong?

As I am driving this morning, I hear everyone criticizing Mattingly for taking out Kershaw against David Wright. Not because I am a Mets fan, I actually thought taking out Kershaw was the right decision, and I couldn’t believe how nobody sided with Mattingly, albeit they are Mets town radio show hosts, callers and analysts. 704 more words


The Artful Dodgers

A book is the reason why I flew across the country to California for a third and final time last weekend, just so I could visit Dodger Stadium for the first time in my life. 2,053 more words

Kershaw glows, Mattingly shines

Guest Post by Frank Martinez

Last night Clayton Kershaw pitched an absolute gem. A complete game 6 hit, 15 strikeout masterpiece, while also victimizing 2 Giant base runners with his elite pickoff move. 475 more words


A Tribute to the Dodgers’ 6 (yes, SIX) All-Star Participants

While All Star game participation is not the best indication of a winning team, it’s pretty safe to say that when 1/5th of your team’s roster is heading there, they’re probably in good shape. 1,517 more words