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floating food forest swale

A few years ago, my daughter attended a swanky Brooklyn barge party and was taken by the use of the platform as green space for multiple container-grown veggies and fruits. 72 more words

The Curse of Donnie Baseball

Could it be true?  Could the most potent and powerful curse in all of major league history belong to a man beloved by New York Yankees fans everywhere?  1,266 more words


My Miami Marlins are giving me headaches

It is early in the season. But, it is important to be realistic and be aware that we have played 10 games of which we only have won 3 and lost 7. 486 more words


So, What's In Your Wallet?

When doing genealogy research, a person’s Last Will and Testament can provide a lot of information — names of spouses and children (and failure to mention these may be an indication that they predeceased the testator); coordinates of real property; hints of family disputes; and, of course, financial holdings. 1,586 more words

S.T. Game 7. Deja Vu all over again. Yanks fall 1-0.

Just like yesterday, the Yanks lost 1-0 in their spring training game today. Deja Vu all over again, as Yogi might have said. The loss drops the Yanks to 2-5 in spring training play. 253 more words

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Spring Training Preview: Miami Marlins

And the Don Mattingly tenure begins. Mattingly, 54, was fired by the Los Angeles Dodgers on October 22nd.  He was not available long. On October 29th, the Miami Marlins signed Mattingly to a four year deal.   445 more words