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“Don’t sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone’s true color.”

Kalo kita mau kenal deket sama orang, alangkah lebih baiknya jika kita tahu yang buruk-buruk tentang orang tersebut. 1,595 more words


Blog Video

Hey y’all, I have attempted it again. I think it worked this time. I didn’t upload through here, I put them on my YouTube channel and I’ll put a link below again. 126 more words


BUKA'AN 8 Review

“All generations have similar values; they just express themselves differently.”

Menjadi suami idaman berarti harus siap siaga menjaga dan memenuhi kebutuhan istri. Alam (pembawaan Chicco Jerikho sudah oke, hanya… 1,460 more words



Today is Feb 22nd. We are in the year 2017 and after a long day i came to realize, that i, need to be in control of my life. 81 more words


Dating Younger Men

It used to be when girls were younger their parents tried everything in their power to keep their young daughters away from older guys, but as girls grew into women it seemed their interest in the older guy has changed. 718 more words


Good Morning

Sorry y’all about the videos. I didn’t know til this morning that the one that was supposed to be 30 mins long was only a little over a min. 256 more words


Changes to OSAP Funding

Changes have been made to the OSAP program – if you are a new or mature student, you could qualify for free tuition.

You can get grants and loans to help you pay for university or college when you qualify for OSAP. 30 more words