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A Rural Ravishing ( Part 4)

In which poor Ursula, scraped, scrubbed and screwed, is Now stumped….

“Mmmm great idea” he said, turning on the bath taps while checking out my boobs. 1,839 more words


On Maturity

Hello it’s been a while since I’ve written anything anything in proper English so this post might will contain some poorly phrased sentences. Also, I want to express my amazement at the way I can write with a mobile app instead of having to sit in front of my computer. 668 more words


Mature Women = Better Lovers...

Oh yeah, I can vouch for that!
No artificial coyness, no silly “try to get me” games
They know what they want and they go out and get it… 35 more words


Prisoners of Earth Chapter 2: Helping a Stranger

Felix awoke to the sound of shuffling. Slowly opening his eyes, he glanced around the inside of the cave. What he saw momentarily surprised him. 1,234 more words

Winter Savages

A large, red sign right in front of me stated in large, white letters: PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Why would someone put this here? It’s the middle of winter, most of the predators are hibernating, and there’s no sign of life in these woods as far as the eye can see. 459 more words


The Father

I could feel my feet and shins dragging across some kind of smooth floor, tile by the patter of it, the kind you find at schools or hospitals. 1,072 more words


The Magical Workman Chapter 7: Going to School Soon

I woke up in my bed at home feeling exhausted. When I looked around right after I opened my eyes both of my parents were sitting in chairs, pointing towards me, fast asleep. 812 more words