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Judgement of Onyx - Chapter 1

“Every breath you take is an extension of your life. It exists as a natural flow that supplements the existence of our species. Whether or not it internally or externally collapses does not matter. 2,606 more words


Chapter Ten: Aftermath

“What the actual fuck!? Isn’t this a little over the top?!” I roared, while unsheathing my katana and following after the furious tigress. Before we even had the chance to rampage around, Hithu decided to just obliterate the whole city and transform into the upper-half of a dryad… which was at least a kilometer tall. 6,289 more words


Chapter 21: A Hardcore Event

As Michael opened the door he muttered “No locks… seriously? Ugh, this is definitely gonna be a pain in the ass.” The inside of the room was completely dark, until Elina released a bright-white light from her palm, which created a very wide area of illumination. 1,534 more words


Chapter 20: Curiosity Killed the Cat-Girl

As quickly as it had appeared, Michael’s severed head vanished again into his first bag-slot before anyone else in the bar was able to see anything. 1,347 more words


Chapter 19: An Immortal Walks Into a Bar

Michael muttered “It’s bad enough that I have to smell the fucking pigs, cows, chickens and horses… now I have to stay at ‘The Popcorn Motel.’ Ugh, well, whatever, it’s still better than sleeping on the dirt I guess. 1,426 more words


Chapter 18: Crafting Is Important

Michael sighed, and then said “Well, if I meet someone who pisses me off enough, I’ll get to test out that theory… Otherwise, I’d rather not torture people or animals just to find out if it’s possible. 1,518 more words


Chapter 17: The MC Hates Walking

Michael walked over to the pile of Sarah’s equipment, and used ‘Scan’ on the various items, which revealed “Crude Leather Armor: Grants the wearer one Defense Rating. 1,612 more words