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The F Word

It’s 2015 and a woman is running to be the president the United States of America. That’s a big deal, in fact it’s a huge deal for the female population and dare I say it, feminism. 1,055 more words


Slave 2

Naime katie
Age 19
Marital satus never maried.
Medical exam shows subject is a virgin. Medical evidence will be provided opon request. Visual inspection with staf supervison is possible. 282 more words

My Dog Likes Grapes: I'm An Adult

I sometimes really hate doing adult things. I mean the ‘mature’ and responsible things that, as an adult I am required to do to function in modern society, thing like paying bills and socializing with other adults. 281 more words

Personal Stuff

[Manga] Funouhan

Tên Project : Funouhan

Tác giả: Miyatsuki Arata & Kanzaki Yuuya

Thể loại: Drama , Horror , Mature , Seinen , Psychological

Độ dài: ?? 115 more words


Chapter 102: The MC Actually Had a Plan?

“This is so~ fucking gross~! Can’t you bastards please stop exploding on me?! You’re making me feel like a dirty whore! Ugh, die cleaner! Oh for fuck’s sake! 1,628 more words


Chapter 101: Training?

The Imps were shocked, the Feline Dwarves cheered, Sarah was fighting five Hellhounds at the same time, and the enemy leader Simon roared “Kill him! All units charge the southern wall and kill that fucking bastard! 1,309 more words