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Fixed Time Deposits

Deposits represent deposits in retention of title under the conditions of the right to use the temporary transfer of funds to the bank or money. Bank credit is the most important source of funds. 315 more words

Yield Curve and Bond Basics

Yield Curve also called Term Structure of Interest Rates for a bond issuer, the structure of yields for bonds with different terms to maturity (but no other differences) is called Term Structure of Interest Rates. 719 more words

Finance Awareness

Mutual Funds FMP V/s Capital Protection Schemes - Back to School

Capital Protection Oriented Schemes (CPOSs) made its debut in the mutual fund industry few years back. As the name suggests, the mainstay of such schemes is to provide capital protection. 661 more words


Mutual Fund - Series

How to choose a mutual fund is always been a big question in front of the investor. The generic answer that every body provides is it depends upon the intension and purpose of the investor. 351 more words


Repayment of Term/Fixed Deposits in banks

The numbers of complaints to Reserve Bank of India, on the different bank’s practices on repayment of of term/fixed deposits in the banks 376 more words
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Difference Between Fixed Deposit(FD) And Recurring Deposit(RD)

When it comes to saving money in deposit-schemes, often people get confused as to what saving-instrument to choose ?? Should they go for Fixed Deposits (FD) 390 more words