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When You've Hit a Brick Wall One Too Many Times....

…..maybe God is trying to tell you something.

Rather than wallow in discouragement, take some time to lean in and hear the whispers.

Sometimes you may need to pivot. 96 more words


The Truth About Self Love

I’ve recently heard of a focus among many Christians that has been described as both a “new movement” and “a forgotten way” – something mystical that will enhance our Christian walk. 1,083 more words

Daily Life

Maturing in Faith

Paul Pettit concludes his comprehensive compilation of a variety of elements of spiritual formation by emphasizing the “compelling need” for spiritual formation to occur within a community of the Body of Christ. 585 more words

Ordinary Days

This past week our close nit community of North Florida was rocked to its core by the senseless death of two young men. Out to lunch while on duty, just a regular day on the job. 1,129 more words


It's ironic

It’s ironic that some people with the most narrow and closed minds also have the widest and open mouths.


Any boy can have money and career, but only a man can have character
and conviction.


Exodus 18:13–27 Introduction

If you fully love your brothers and sisters in Christ, you will seek to grow to maturity in your faith. 

If this is true, the following statement is also true: 314 more words

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