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Intentional – Travis Greene

This morning and really as I was asleep this song rested on my spirit. I woke singing about how intentional God is. 654 more words

Food For Thought

Learn To Control What You Think

Thoughts translate to feelings. Feelings to attitudes. Attitudes to actions or inactions. Actions are the experience of every relationship. Loving someone begins with your thoughts, so watch them. 6 more words


Things that make you realize you're becoming a grown up

As I countdown the days with dread until my 30th birthday, I’ve been getting sentimental for the time when I could drink all night and feel fan-fucking-tastic the next day or eat an entire large combo pizza without crying in shame 30 minutes later. 503 more words


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True and funny list about growing older. I always choose comfort over style btw!!

Adulting - embracing the fear

Since I thought it was a good idea to take a break from my blog, my brain still didn’t take a break. So here I am again. 642 more words


Civilian Love

Love is not an illusion. It is so authentic, especially when it actually takes place. It only fools you when you try to create it, yourself, with your two own abandoned hands, that’s when you end up building something dangerous, a thing, a feeling or a mood, whatever it may be. 560 more words


The True Marks of a Mature Christian


A number of years ago I had a grown woman literal do what the woman above in the photo is doing.  I was directing traffic and I had to enforce the law.  1,415 more words


The Faces

Laughing faces do not

mean that there is absence

of sorrow! But it means that

they have the ability to deal

with it.