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What is maturity?

Wow so where do I begin?! We all expect adults to be mature right? That’s not always the case. I have witnessed this first hand over the last couple of months & today when we (my husband & I) encountered a situation with someone today. 221 more words



This spring, my favorite word is EMERGE. It means to become known or visible–from Latin “to come to light.”

In winter the ground is hardened and brown. 151 more words

Women 55+

Where'd My Horror Go?

So, I’m currently working on a short novel (maybe novella) called A Light Beyond. I left a Western novel called Badger’s Bend to work on this one. 410 more words


Toxic Friendships Aren't Healthy

Over the years I’ve had issues with one particular person who happens to be a Gemini. We have had great moments and not so great moments. 833 more words

Everyday Life

Its OK to be Clueless

From the very young ages of 3 and 4, adults are always asking us the same question.
“What do you want to be when you get older?” …
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Mature Communication

Today my thoughts have been centered around communication and the vital role that it plays in every aspect of life.  However, despite its crucial nature, I feel that so many people either undervalue it or simply don’t put in the effort required to make it effective. 877 more words

Active Adulting

I don’t remember becoming an adult. When I say “becoming an adult,” I don’t mean turning 18; but rather the point in my life when I realized that the responsibility for managing my life belongs to no one else. 1,105 more words