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Little Girls with Women Responsibilties

Last week made me a woman, a strong young black woman. Turning 21 separates me from the little girls.

Why is this important?

Well it took a little thinking, 353 more words


Signs of Maturity

by: Kierra Lee

They say with time comes wisdom, but that may not always be true. I do not believe that wisdom comes from time, but from your life experiences. 173 more words


Love Is...

Love makes you feel out of control. I think that’s how you know it’s right.

I’m so afraid of getting it wrong. Choosing a life partner is the single most important decision of your life.

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Coming Of Age

understanding invariants

Maturity hurts. It’s a weapon you carry in your inventory, embellished with the pains of your past, that adds to its ferocity in battle. When you carry it, you become slower, but therefore more calculated. 777 more words

Hope for Today

I’m getting older today, which is kind of awesome. I mean when your story is about overcoming and becoming, then getting older is awesome. If your story is about existing and hoping for the glory of someday, then it’s hard… it’s especially hard. 433 more words


I Need Us

As I stood in line at the bank the other day, anachronistically waiting for a genuine human being to process my deposit, I longed for simpler times.  503 more words


The Student Becomes The Teacher

Although we have ceased the growing phase of our career lifecycle, lucky enough to leverage our skills and learning’s to acquire a full time position in our chosen field, our body and mind need continual growth. 570 more words