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Day 19, Month of Maud: Balance Achieved

At the beginning of the Month of Maud, I posted about Maud’s “Bedhead” and mentioned that her tousled ear hair situation seemed only to occur in her right ear. 128 more words


Boer & Croon reis in 2008 naar Sevilla (Spanje): Wie gingen mee? Wie zijn die gasten?

Er is eerder door ons geschreven over Boer & Croon, Amsterdam. Daar liepen wat agenten rond, die geen consulting achtergrond hadden, ten tijde van Maud’s werken daar.  181 more words


Day 9, Mouth of Maud

It’s no typo. To keep our month-long celebration going, I’ve gathered all my favorite pics of Maud yawning or licking or otherwise showing off her wee pink mouth. 58 more words


Day 6, Month of Maud: The Funny Acorn Elves

We’re still not receiving any Postcrossings. Since April 8th we’ve received…TWO. Yep, seriously. Our account is broken. It has to be. :-(

But our mailbox was still happy today as… 78 more words


Day 5, Month of Maud: Art Marks

One of my most favorite Maud features: her tabby cheek stripes. Here they are 4 ways…

Whether in standard, black and white, flash, or X-ray, these darling and super defined marks are made even  sweeter by that wee fuzzy mouth and whiskers that go forever. 13 more words


Day 4, Month of Maud: Underneath the Moon

My Mother bought this rubber stamp for me as she knows it’s exactly how I feel about Maud. It reads I love you in the morning & in the afternoon. 33 more words


Day 3, Month of Maud: Back Scratch Fever.

We know cats are all different in how they like to be petted. Some only like it at certain spots like their chin or cheeks, some don’t mind being scratched all over but only in very small doses, while in others it’s uncomfortable and triggers a real agitation. 230 more words