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Monday Maud: Unmeasured Beauty

I love this pic for two reasons.

One, can you even believe how much bang for your tabby buck you’re getting here? I don’t have many Maud photos that capture her varied markings quite like this. 123 more words


Maud Fox in a Box #9

Number nine in our ambitious 6,962 part Series and the second MFIAB in just over two weeks! Ooooooo. Fance.

Maud Fox in a shoe box full of sox. 38 more words


Postcrossing: "More About The Maud"

Mail between Russia and the US takes forever. Sometimes I get a little cranky when I have to send card after card to a land +3,500 miles away.   412 more words


Custom Maud Fox

Our last post was not very cheery. Unfortunately, my vision issue has not improved but as I suspect it’s not going to any time soon, why not get these posts up (that were typed up days ago).   1,199 more words


Monday Maud: Curled to Perfection

Typically I like to post just one fabulous Maud shot on her special weekly blog day.  But this last week Maud has been curling up so cute cute that I’m sharing them all. 126 more words


Collections: Maud's inks

Back in April we covered Maud’s hues, the baby pink and soft neutral grey we use for our outgoing Postcrossings.

As we just passed the one year mark on Postcrossing, and, as I bore easily, I decided to mix things up and start writing my postcards with fountain pens. 1,312 more words


Maud Fox in a Box #8

The eighth installment of our 6,219 part series

Now everyone please say awwwww because this was the first ever Maud boxing. Taken a mere 5 days after she came to live with me. 16 more words