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Stop cuts at the Maudsley

On Saturday 2 May I joined a demonstration organised by Southwark Pensioners Action Group in opposition to closure of services in the Maudsley.


Probation and PSW

I cannot really recollect what it was that drew me into social work although I am conscious of some drawing from particular quarters, looking back I realise that there is a tradition in the family going back to my grandfathers activities of what might be called social work intervention for he was party to founding a friendly society under the friendly societies act of 1900s. 4,667 more words


Working With Adoption

Barbara Prynn interviewed by Joan Rapaport on 15th October 2008.

So, can you give me an outline of your career in social work? Okay. Well, I did a social studies diploma in the course of which I did day a week placement in the first year, and then a block placement in the summer between the two years, and then I decided that I wanted to be a psychiatric social worker and at that time the APSW, Association of Psychiatric Social Workers, had a trainee scheme and so one could apply to be a trainee in a particular place where one would have a supervisor. 7,140 more words


A letter for Edward Timpson MP

I’ve been waiting for the last two weeks for my personal letter of thanks from Children and Families Minister, Edward Timpson.

I first heard about his thank you letter on Facebook and Twitter during National Adoption Week. 773 more words


There is hope! Us and our refeeding #eatingdisorder #anorexia

My girl was just 11 when we realised there was a problem.  I’m a single mom, but my family and X are very involved.  This is just a glimpse of what it is like to do Family Based Treatment, Maudsley Method. 849 more words

#anorexia #eatingdisorders #recovery

A hard question to pose to all of you out there

Hi everyone,

This is a weird post, but I’m needing some reassurance and truth be told – I have no one else to ask.

I pose this question to those of you out there who currently have or consider yourselves recovered from an eating disorder. 119 more words

Symposium on Big Data in Mental Health

For anyone interested in data analytics, the BRC-MH at KCL and the Maudsley are organising a symposium on Big Data in Mental Health on July 23rd at ORTUS, Denmark Hill. 50 more words