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Rhymes with pepper

A few years ago I dreamed the name of a character for a novel. Now, I’m no novelist – frankly I don’t much enjoy writing at all, and what I do write tends to end up forced and overthought – and the name just stayed in my memory for a few days because it struck me as unusual. 244 more words


Driving In Cars

I took a road trip several weeks ago and it was pretty awesome. I came back with several new ideas and personal commitments. Since then I have been pretty much too busy to do anything other than work and sleep, which is extremely frustrating for multiple reasons. 1,202 more words


Certain smells

make me happy. Certain smells make me sad.

Wet cardboard turns my stomach. It makes me feel dirty and poor. It brings back memories that I thought I had forgotten about. 220 more words


Some of it

After my wife passed away I lost it. I tried to destroy myself over a span of a couple years. I sent myself to the hospital with drug overdoses. 782 more words


Trump praised as 'pro-black' at White House prison reform event

President Trump focused on efforts to reform the prison system Wednesday, meeting with faith leaders and lawmakers at the White House.

In a roundtable discussion with nearly 20 inner city pastors and faith leaders, Trump touted a low unemployment rate and booming economy that he said would make it easier for former prisoners to reintegrate into society. 487 more words


The Penury of Instapoetry; or, A Case for Reform in the Arts

There have been a few articles to pop up over the past month or so, mushroom-like, all focussing on the faddish popularity of ‘Instapoetry.’
Not really a user of the ‘gram myself, I only know about this situation second-hand, but coverage of its main stars and personalities has kept me at least current with the situation. 1,898 more words


European Hegemony - a Twist of Pathological Fate?

Caught this article over at the grauniad during lunch today – new research which, while the responsible researchers don’t commit outright, might point to the source of cocoliztli, the plague that swept through the Aztec empire killing perhaps 80% of the population. 506 more words