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Dear Columnists, it's very simple

You either need to embrace The Big Orange, sign on to kicking the libs all the way to November and acknowledge that there may come a moment in the upcoming debates when he pelvic thrusts the  well padded trousers of his tailored suits OR you can stop dehumanizing Hillary for fun and profit. 240 more words


"Trump’s Most Impressive Boast Is A Brazen Lie": An Excellent Time To Re-Adjust The B.S. Detector

Every presidential candidate is going to boast about all of the many reasons he or she deserves voters’ support. It’s how the process works: White House hopefuls, without exception, are going to present themselves as the best possible person for one of the world’s most important jobs. 678 more words


Five Ways Feminism Has Made Women Miserable 

I’m going to go ahead and say something no conservative ever dare says: feminism has been awesome.

First, imagine not having the same rights as men. 1,589 more words

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Best line of the week...

In an opinion piece from today’s New York Times, which can be found here, Maureen Dowd said, among other things:

“In one of the most gratifying moments of an unhinged campaign, former Speaker John Boehner told Stanford students that Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh.” Satanists immediately objected, saying it was unfair to their deity.” 431 more words


Colorado Lawmakers Target Edible Pot In Fruit, Animal Shapes

DENVER (AP) – Pot-infused lemon drops and other marijuana edibles that resemble fruits could be coming off Colorado shelves, the latest front in a battle by lawmakers to eradicate retail pot products that could appeal to kids. 410 more words