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Maureen Dowd Stumbles Upon Female "Raunch" Comedy, Proclaims It a Trend

It is one of the small pleasures of life to see a New York Times op-ed columnist come down from her tower, take notice of a phenomenon in the culture sphere, and proclaim it an actual trend. 644 more words


NYT Op-It Girl Becomes Maureen Dawdle

Six months ago New York Times Op-It Girl Maureen Dowd got a new gig at the Grey Lady.

Via Politico’s Dylan Byers:

Maureen Dowd joins N.Y.

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'Nasty bitter' Maureen Dowd says 'she'll pay' for criticizing Hillary

Maureen Dowd releases the hounds on Hillary Clinton and the politically bi-polar Media Matters honcho David Brock in her latest column. While some obviously welcome any grilling of the Clintons—and Dowd does score some shots—many seem to have had quite enough of Dowd playing the martyr. 328 more words


President Obama Not Crazy About Maureen Dowd

Perhaps the title to this blog post isn’t so good or, perhaps, it’s all how you look at it.

Maybe President Obama is crazy about Maureen Dowd or Maureen Dowd makes him crazy. 122 more words


Maureen Dowd misremembers the 'Cronkite Moment'

Maureen Dowd marred an otherwise intriguing column in yesterday’s New York Times by mischaracterizing what is known as the “Cronkite Moment.”

The column considered the bizarre… 937 more words

Media Myths

Brian Williams and narcissistic journalism

That shame came to NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams only recently is probably the most surprising news of all.  He is the ultimate expression of the celebrity newsperson, overpaid, overdressed, overexposed, over-inclined to be an entertainer all the while asserting a claim to be a top notch reporter. 730 more words


Boston Herald's Gelzinis Nails Lyin' Brian Williams

At this point, it’s really Cryin’ Brian Williams, as the NBC anchor gets pummeled from all sides for fabricating a harrowing tale of danger during hisIraq war coverage in 2003. 396 more words