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The Media's Election 2016 Gender-Role Sideshow Has Begun. Let's Ignore It.

This weekend Maureen Dowd wrote a typically spirited column about Sarah Palin that ended up being a sly sideways dig at Hillary Clinton. “Sarah Palin Saves Feminism” is a title that’s sure to provoke, and the column did: Sarah Palin is such a mess, Dowd’s thesis went, that she negates all the hype around Clinton’s chance for a historic victory, a first female president. 997 more words


Maureen Dowd And Hillary Clinton: Here We Go Again

I’ve written more than once about the Washington Post’s obsession with the Clintons, one that goes back to the 1990s. But the other journalistic “institution” that has an unhealthy fixation with Bill and now Hillary Clinton is the New York Times. 924 more words


"Please, Not Again!": Don’t Try To Breathe Life Into A Dead Scandal

This just in: Nothing boosts circulation or enhances ratings like a sex scandal. The more prominent the actors and the more prurient the allegations, the better. 815 more words

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Women in Film: Some thoughts about Maureen Dowd's article

In a recent Sunday New York Times Magazine article on women directors in Hollywood (“Waiting for the Green Light,” November 22, 2015), Maureen Dowd discusses the difficulties women directors have in getting hired by the major studios and manages to interview an impressive range of women film and TV industry personnel, including directors, writers, producers, show runners and studio executives. 3,282 more words

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"Leadership And The Politics Of Fear": Obama Providing Exactly The Kind Of Leadership This Country Needs Right Now

Jeff Greenfield’s article titled: Getting the Politics of Fear Right got me thinking about what leadership means at a time like this. He acknowledges that following the Paris attacks, Donald Trump “went on a fear-mongering bender.” But then he finds President Obama’s response to be problematic as well. 708 more words