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Sunday Times

My comments were NYTimes Picks today – on Maureen Dowd’s column  Bill’s Belated #MeToo Moment, and Kat Stoeffel’s about her mother’s obsession with a certain cable news network,   107 more words


'Obama was just too good for us'

We were not worthy; so we replaced him with a rascal

Is the worm turning? 

• Talks with North Korea are back on.
• The job market is the best in 18 years. 565 more words

Donald Trump

Feather duster

Eight years on top but as gone as any politician has ever been. But I have to say, his supporters are more insane than is truly believable. 443 more words

Politics On The Left

Signs of the Times

It’s as true now as it was in May of 2016 in Hatfield, Massachusetts. One house. Two signs. Same message.

Socioeconomic stratification. It’s still the driving force in current geopolitical nationalistic leanings. 57 more words


Get on the Cannabus

I did not smoke pot this past April 20.  Truth be told, I haven’t smoked pot at all since the summer of 2010—and only a handful of times before that.  875 more words

Did Jimmy Piersall do all the crazy things he did? (Ask Yogi.)

An email of mine to a friend:

Scott — there was an article in Saturday’s NY Times:

“The Naked Truth About Trump”

By Maureen Dowd… 290 more words

Roger W. Smith