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"Leadership And The Politics Of Fear": Obama Providing Exactly The Kind Of Leadership This Country Needs Right Now

Jeff Greenfield’s article titled: Getting the Politics of Fear Right got me thinking about what leadership means at a time like this. He acknowledges that following the Paris attacks, Donald Trump “went on a fear-mongering bender.” But then he finds President Obama’s response to be problematic as well. 708 more words


Sexism in Hollywood

Sexism in Hollywood is a very prevalent subject. A great article was just published on that very subject matter. It’s a great read.

It’s written by… 234 more words


5 Types of Hollywood Sexism the 'Times Magazine' Cover Story Reveals

The Hollywood Reporter might have screwed up with its all-white cover featuring the year’s most Oscar-buzzed actresses, but the New York Times Magazine‘s richly reported cover feature on gender in Hollywood, by Maureen Dowd, is better and broader in its inclusiveness. 561 more words


Are Men Necessary: 10-Year Anniversary

By David Michael Newstead. 

On November 8, 2005, Maureen Dowd came out with her book, Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide. And although parts of the book are very specific to 2005, I thought it’d be worthwhile to go back and re-examine these topics 10 years later. 282 more words


Should There Be Term Limits for Opinion Columnists?

This week, Joe Nocera did what few Times opinion columnists have the decency to do: he stepped down from his perch. Or more accurately, according to a newsroom memo… 848 more words

"A Distasteful Degree Of Opportunism": Public Editor; No Problem With Dowd Column, But News Story Needs Correction

Today New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan weighed in on the Maureen Dowd-Joe Biden controversy (see my previous post), allowing the columnist to defend her account of the fraught conversation between the vice president and his late son, Beau Biden. 494 more words

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"A Maureen Dowd Media Conflagration": Dowdgate? Biden Insists Deathbed Scene With Son Beau Never Happened

Not every day does the Vice President of the United States accuse America’s most respected newspaper of publishing a falsehood about him and his family. Over the weekend that is what Joe Biden alleged, posing a difficult problem for… 480 more words

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