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Trump Sticks a Fork in Comey by MAUREEN DOWD

Over cake — with extra ice cream for the president — Trump threatens Comey with just deserts.. via NYT Opinion http://nyti.ms/2qHAtkS


What Do You Know About Artificial Intelligence & How It May Affect Your Life?

Ideas about artificial intelligence (AI) have tended to swirl around without offering me much to think about. I use Siri and Hello Google on my iPhone, I’m aware of the increasingly powerful social media algorithms, and I’ve watched, with some interest, the accomplishments of IBM’s Watson. 330 more words

Parents And Technology

A Stock Picking Machine

If you’re looking for a little AI-related news, yesterday didn’t disappoint.

The New York Times reported that the largest fund company in the world, BlackRock, will be throwing a counterpunch against all those little pesky computer-driven funds that have sprouted up over the past several years. 260 more words


Perspectives: The N.Y. Times: DONALD, THIS I WILL TELL YOU

“Donald, you said you could shake up Washington and make it work again. Instead, you’re the one who got worked over.”

Source: Perspectives: The N.Y. Times: DONALD, THIS I WILL TELL YOU


The following letter by Maureen Dowd is the one that I would have liked to have delivered to the White House. It focuses on the point that the recent AHCA healthcare law drafted by republicans was counter to what the president had promised his followers and that he is being played by the US House republicans. 1,008 more words


Hey Maureen Dowd, Nice Letter To Trump! Hope He Reads It!

It is unlikely that Donald Trump gets good advice or constructive criticism from his inner circle. He just loves hearing from sycophants, or bathing his ego in adoring campaign style crowds or sucking up to tyrants and oligarchs who say they like him. 229 more words


Donald, This I Will Tell You by MAUREEN DOWD

Dear President Trump: Are we going to lose so much, we’ll get tired of losing?. via NYT Opinion http://nyti.ms/2n60oNH