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100 Best Film Scores: The Full List

Over the last month, I’ve been listing my choices for the best film scores of all time, unveiling 20 at a time. The list was complete yesterday, so here’s the full list all in one post. 527 more words


List: Best Film Scores #21-1

Thursdays in June I’m giving my picks for the 100 greatest movies scores of all time. You can see the first four lists #100-81133 more words


Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985, George Miller and George Ogilvie)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is the story of a burnt-out, desolate man who learns to live again. Sort of. It’s more the story of a burnt-out, desolate man who finds himself babysitting sixty feral children who think he’s a messiah. 575 more words


La chanson de Lara / Nhạt nhòa khúc mơ

La chanson de Lara

compose: Maurice Jarre – lyric: John William

Un jour Lara
Quand le vent a tourné
Un jour Lara
Ton amour t’a quitté 278 more words

Hoàng Xuân Sơn