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感性。愛國。孤寂—《齊瓦哥醫生》(Doctor Zhivago)

感性。愛國。孤寂—《齊瓦哥醫生》(Doctor Zhivago)


剛巧今年在香港國際電影節重映大衛連 (David Lean) 代表作《齊瓦哥醫生》(Doctor Zhivago),讓我能在大銀幕欣賞到這部史詩式愛情大作。

剪片師出身的大衛連,以Noel Coward的劇作改編電影打響名堂,亦先後執導過數個迪狄斯的作品,如《苦海孤雛》和《遠大前程》,開始了與演員Alec Guinness為期二十多年的合作,這時大衛連在英國電影工業已站穩陣腳。進入五十年代的大衛連的製作規模越來越大,1957年的《桂河橋》打入美國市場,在國際亦大獲好評。

1962年《沙漠梟雄》把大衛連推到高峰,也發掘了莎劇出身的Peter O’Toole和埃及演員Omar Sharif。1965年推出《齊瓦哥醫生》,飾演主角齊瓦哥的Omar Sharif和女主角Lara的Julie Christie才剛剛成名,據說原本Omar Sharif是想扮演Lara丈夫Pasha Antipov的角色,與Julie Christie一起試鏡的Michael Caine向大衛連提議由Omar Sharif做主角。而Julie Christie則是因為前作《Billy Liar》的演出得到Lara角色,取代由製片人Carlo Ponti的妻子Sophia Loren。 46 more words

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Artist of the Week - Jean-Michel Jarre

Let’s have another artist of the week from my old radio show Music for the Masses now. My apologies for any unintentional plagiarism, hyperbole, or errors that may follow. 397 more words

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Playlist for August 03, 2015

Featuring music from movies from politically-charged films (historical or otherwise), such as Z, Battleship Potemkin, & The Last Emperor. Ending it off with some John Carpenter in the mix as well. 168 more words


Best Music (Scoring): 1965

Official Nominations: Original: Dr Zhivago. A Patch Of Blue. The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg. The Agony And Ecstasy. The Greatest Story Ever Told. Treatment: The Sound Of Music. 415 more words

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Doctor Zhivago is a strange film. It’s undeniably, inevitably, expensively and melodramatically an important British “picture”. But is it really a masterpiece?

I was lucky enough to trudge through the horizontal London rain to see the new restoration of David Lean’s 200-minute epic last week (still, that’s nothing compared to the bum-numbing… 570 more words