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I'm a martian in Toronto

Lately I have been thinking that terming me as a “martian” would be suitable. After all, if you remove the “u” and the extra “i” in Mauritian, you get the word martian…Honestly, this is exactly how I feel since I landed in Toronto. 606 more words


Being Pleasantly Honest.

So…first of all, let me start by saying the reason I started this blog is so I could vent and maybe help out others in the same situation too. 521 more words


To hug or not to hug?

Greetings have never been so awkward to me until I came to  Canada. See, back in my home-country, we are not used to hugging. When you meet someone, you have three options: 547 more words


Navigating life abroad

Not so long ago, I was googling Canada and making a list of things to do. Toronto seemed enticing with its multiculturalism, food, accents, languages and people of different nationalities. 352 more words


Mauritian Egg Rougaille

This is the perfect dinner to make when your pantry is as empty as your stomach.

The rougaille is a traditional recipe from Mauritius and Reunion island. 278 more words


The Armor of God (MAURITIAN CREOLE: Bible NT)


Ephesians (Efezien) 6:10-18

10 Pou termine, fortifie zot dan Lesegner ek dan lafors so pwisans.  

11 Met tou ekipman solda ki Bondie fourni; met li lor zot pouki zot kapav reziste kont manigans diab.   144 more words


Mauritian Piments Farcis

Ah the taste of these stuffed chilies….

Piments Farcis is usually served as delicious gajacks (appetizers). For this recipe, I have used Turkish chilies that are milder in taste and roomy enough to hold all of this tasty filling. 478 more words