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50 Years

We are about to celebrate 50 years of independence of the Republic of Mauritius.

We have indeed achieved a lot over years of being independent. Our grand parents or great grand parents, have witnessed this epical beginning of a wonderful journey for Mauritius. 196 more words

Ravioli del Mondo | Dumplings of the World

A series of evening classes, from March to June, see dates below.

Every culture has a way of wrapping up simple ingredients into small parcels, which once cooked by various methods; steaming, boiling, baking and frying, create meals that so often come to symbolize the way that country or region eats. 135 more words



Napolitaine is a typical Mauritian biscuit.It is not to be confused with the napolitaine cake with three layers.

It is a two layer short crust biscuit with jam in the middle covered with icing. 376 more words


Lakaz Maman Thursday

Happy Friday!

I can’t remember the last time I was off work on a Friday. I’m currently sitting on my sofa, with a hot cup of delicious coffee next to me, listening to music and writing. 536 more words


So, what are you?

Credit: SEO Mauritius 

Questions about my origins have been filling up my mind lately. Blame it on the number of nationalities I have been attributed (From Moroccan, Fijian, Hispanic, South-African, Portuguese…You name it!) Or maybe it is also because of that stranger who stopped me abruptly on King street while I was walking to meet my friends. 910 more words

Politics of Distractions

I hate distractions. Well, who doesn’t right? They divert our attention from the more important issues, they cloud the judgement, bring up unnecessary doubt and ultimately relegate the objectives to a secondary role. 405 more words


It has been a subject of conversation during the past few months in regards to the election for the region of Quatre Bornes and how it politic work in instance in Mauritius. 221 more words