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“Hello Indian! I have Indian friends back home as well. From which part of India are you?”
This was the first question I got from a peer on my first day at the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in South Africa. 498 more words


The Typical Mauritian

So it has been a while since I wrote something, there were exams and all those stuffs coming at me at once, so it was kind of hard to actually manage my time and write something. 649 more words

Lamb Kalia - A Mauritian Recipe by Shelina Permalloo

Shelina Permalloo won Masterchef in 2012 and her cookbook ‘Sunshine on a Plate’ is just that. Her recipes are so fragrant, fresh and the taste of them really does transport you to a warmer place, let’s call it Mauritius. 441 more words


Top 10 Things to do in Mauritius

Today Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim sworn in as the first female President of Mauritius.  With big power comes big responsibilities.  I’m sure that you will fulfil you duties excellently, Madam President.   836 more words


Crispy Taro Fritters - Gateau Arouille

Fritters yumyum!

Who doesn’t love fritters especially with a hot cuppa or maybe as an appetizer during family bonding. Taro/Yam fritters are very popular staple in the Mauritian community.They are found in almost every corner of Mauritius and have become very popular as a snack also. 450 more words


Poached Egg Rougaille

I agree with  Frank Crane on this one ‘what is a friend? I will tell you, it is someone with whom you dare to be yourself’. 282 more words

Budget Meals

Mauritian Potato and Prawn Curry

A few days ago at the dinner table somebody mentioned that we hadn’t had mash potatoes in ages. I’ve only bought baby potatoes recently because of special offers in the supermarket. 291 more words

Budget Meals