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Why Yahoo is so misunderstood

Last month, at an elaborate NewFront party at New York City’s Lincoln Center, Yahoo unveiled a spate of new video shows featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell, comedian Joel McHale, … 1,773 more words


Marissa Mayer has one shareholder-pleasing play left: Yahoo Japan

It was a softball question—the easiest one she was asked. “In three to five years, where do you see Yahoo’s revenue coming from?” CEO Marissa Mayer had already fielded 30 minutes of repetitive, nit-picky questions from analysts, none of whom even bothered with the kiss-up statements of congratulations that usually accompany a quarterly earnings call. 607 more words


7 Reasons #NABShow beats #CES and #SXSW

In “The Purpose of Silicon Valley,” MIT Tech Review author Michael Malone talks of a geeky debate happening in the Valley these days. The question? … 855 more words


Yahoo spins off its Alibaba stake. Here comes the scrutiny

Marissa Mayer’s two-and-a-half-year tenure as chief executive of Yahoo hasn’t exactly been smooth. But she’s had one big safeguard keeping the company’s stock up: a giant stake in Alibaba . 528 more words


My heroes

Christmas is right around the corner and as I reflect on the last year, I am grateful for the the human resources mavens I work with on a daily basis.   44 more words

Human Resources

How To Be A Maven: Think Outside The Box

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You’re going to hear no a million and one times before you get a yes, get creative and step out of your comfort zone; whatever it FCUKING takes to get the job done. 54 more words

Statistics as math, statistics as tools

How do you think about statistical methods in science? Are statistics a matter of math and logic? Or are they a useful tool? Over time, I have noticed that these seem to be two implicit frames for thinking about statistics. 1,524 more words