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Legnano circa 1980s. This frame and fork were most likely built during the time period when Bianchi owned the marquee. Frame is constructed from Falck tubing and measures 58cm by 58cm center to center. 66 more words


Medici Pro Strada

Here is a really fun build we did for one of our clients. This wasn’t a restoration job, just a straight build. Circa 1978 Medici Pro Strada. 99 more words



Specialized Allez Comp 2003as racer. Ultegra 6500szett, 105 5500 agyak. Fizik nyereg. ITM stucni. Mavic OpenPro feknik. Gyors, kezes, hibamentes es meglehetosen dogos. Keves kilometerrel. Gyere es probald ki ha megtetszett.


My Wheelset Weight

As with most cyclists I have built up a wheelset collection over the past decade or so. I tend to buy one set per bike and use them for everything; winter training, mountain sportives, crit races, road races. 35 more words

My Component Weights

Peugeot PSV10S

Peugeot PSV10S circa 1983. Frame measures 57.5cm x 57.5 cm center to center. Frame and fork are hand brazed using Super Vitus tubing. According to the original shop sticker this bike lived in the midwest for the beginning of its life and has a touch of rust around the cable guide braze ons, seat lug, and head lug. 108 more words



Kifogastalan allapotu versenygep. 2x8as Shimano Tricolor600 szettel, Mavic Reflex felnikkel. ITM stucni es kormany. Selle Italia Flite nyereg. Gyere es probald ki! Garantaltan szerelem elso latasra..

Meret: 54x54cm

Ar: 210e


Bianchi Veloce

Really nice customer bike. Bianchi Veloce circa late 1980s early 1990s. Frame measures 54cm by 54cm center to center. Frame and fork built with Columbus tubing. 55 more words