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Измени свою жизнь: наши в американской армии

Кажется, что служба в армии – не самая подходящая работа для девушки. Однако, это – один из возможных вариантов для получения гражданства и атаптации в американском обществе.


MAVNI Program Status for Fiscal Year 2017 and Options

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) recently received notice from the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. Army will not accept Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI)  applications for FY 2017 until they complete the revisions. 259 more words

US Visa

Issue 10, Photography: Light

by Mavni

Mavni is a goofball of curls who speaks about Murakami as if she is having a love affair with his writing. She gets amused and amazed by the mother of wonders that is philosophy and loves telling anecdotes that climax too soon.


Issue 9, Poetry: Unwrote.Unread.Asterisked.

by Nandini Varma

Where are you hiding, Ms. Nasreen?
Are you in the room that was
Burnt down by the All India Muslim Forum?
Or by the harassed grooms of the brilliant thoughts, 162 more words


Issue 9, Poetry: Three poems

by Sahana Mukherjee

“There is nothing else. It reminds me of some tale,
stay with me to remember,
it reminds me
of where I was going without you.” 306 more words


Issue 9, Poetry: fighting

by Priyanka Sutaria

Part I

I don’t remember a time when I had 20/20 vision
but I remember aching to know what it felt like… 521 more words


Issue 9, Creative Non-Fiction: सोशलाईझ रॅशनलाईझ

– शौनक फडणीस 

हे असच अनपेक्षितपणे होतं. विचारांच्या गर्दीत वावरत असताना आपण ‘स्व’ विसरतो. आसपासचं “surrounding” विसरतो. Rational असण्याच्या higher caste गर्दीतून सहज कुठे एका ठिकाणी ‘ती’ आकार घेते. 8 more words

Issue 9