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Masters at Work a Napoli

Dopo il party del 30 aprile al Duel Beat con Claudio Coccoluto e Ten Walls, gli Angels of Love continuano a far ballare l’Italia e non solo. 177 more words



I’m not a person that worries too much about age.  I like getting older.  *shrugs*  I do think it is weird though when you think about stuff and you’re like “Dang that was a really really really long time ago.” 78 more words

Drum N Bass


blank thoughts,
wolfish, mist,
collected stars
make maws of us.


2 Life-changing Tips: Rule the Makeup and Buy the Shoes

Listen closely: don’t let your makeup tell you what to do, or be all intimidating and, like, “You better use me the way I’m meant to be used,” and mocking you because you may never be a movie star. 954 more words

Fashion And Beauty

Middleaged Meanderings: What Does the Future Hold?

I’m going to complain about being a middleaged woman (MAW) for just a minute and then I’ll move on. Ready? I’ve been sick since early October. 1,106 more words

Being A MAW

Warning: This Post Is Really Cheesy (But It Has Jazz Hands)

So, you know how I’ve been playing around with makeup lately? And I got this great new Kevyn Aucoin makeup book and palette for Christmas? Well, my father-in-law gave me the nicest compliment recently: “Wow,” he said. 363 more words

Being A MAW

Quiz: Are You Having a Midlife Crisis?

Ummm. Hi. What’s new? How’s life? Anybody have anything interesting to say? Because I really don’t. In fact, I haven’t really had anything interesting to say for a couple of months. 1,332 more words

Being A MAW