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MAW feat. Lynae - Life Is But A Dream (Broken Down Mix) (MAW Records)

Ricanstruction pretty much explains what B’Klyn-based Frankie Feliciano has been about since his early days in the mid 90’s, blending typical local Soulful House vibes with a bit of Latin Jazz influences. 92 more words


Happy Veterans Day!

This Nov. 11 is remembered as the ending date of the tragic World War I which took place between 1914 and 1918, resulting in over 17 million deaths (including close to 7 million civilians) and 20 million wounded. 56 more words


Are You Frightened in Public Restrooms? Also, Socks

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who enter a public bathroom worrying that they’ll find a dead body in there, and those who put the dead bodies in there. 1,010 more words

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I love Being Middleaged; Do You?

I’m middleaged, and I’m determined to celebrate it. Do you love whatever age you are? I’m thinking about this because of a conversation I overheard between a teenage kid and his middledaged mother recently. 700 more words

Being A MAW

Lips Injections: Before and After, and Please Don't Be Judge-y

I decided to have the lip injections (Juviderm) that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago done for a little plumping. I’m still bruised but am overall really happy with the result. 839 more words

Fashion And Beauty

5 Steps to Subtle, Sultry, Smokey Eyes

Here is why I am qualified to offer this eye shadow lesson:

1. I’ve recently talked to a couple of “makeup artists” at Sephora and they showed me how to do eyes, so clearly I am well-educated in the art. 964 more words

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I Know It's Unnecessary but I Really Want It

No, it’s not shoes…

Is it just Paul or do all middleaged husbands out there want your wives to have long hair? Paul seems to continue to see me as a teenager rather than a MAW and wants me to forever sport the same perky ponytail as I did in twelfth grade. 831 more words

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