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7 things I have wondered while watching kids' shows

Between the brutal winter and an exhausting pregnancy, I have had a lot of time over the past few months to watch children’s television with my two-year-old. 586 more words


It really bothers me that...

Oswald the Octopus can’t swim and needs a floatie in the water. Because, hello! He’s an octopus. Granted he’s blue and wears a little black hat and sounds like Fred Savage and has a dog that’s literally a hot dog with a tail. 582 more words


Morris's Disappearing Bag by Rosemary Wells (Puffin)

It was Christmas morning.

“Wow!” said Morris.

Great opening isn’t it? We’ve had Jess’s pick for the festive season. This is my favourite Christmas picture book. 533 more words

Picture Books


Yesterday was the perfect day!  It was beautiful outside and we had so much fun!  Kate never got out of her pajamas, though she went bike riding up and down the street, carved pumpkins and played in the water hose.   267 more words

What happened to the Flinstones?

Sitting here watching morning cartoons with my kids is incredibly irritating. Not because they are being loud, running around, or fighting. It is because of how ridiculous these cartoons have gotten. 267 more words

8 Children's Shows That are Making me Crazy

My oldest child is almost 10. Which means I’ve been exposed to the annoying barrage of children’s programming for 10 years. 3,650 days of the talking animals, the sing-song-repetitive bullshit, the nonexistent story-lines, and the guest-stars. 734 more words

Don't look at it! Don't touch it!

I fully admit to being squeamish. I carefully look away when I have a shot or a blood draw. When a splinter or a scraped knee needed dealing with, that was The Husband’s territory. 312 more words