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When is a zombie story not a zombie story? or: When books don’t live up to expectations. Book Review by David Hall

World War Z by Max Brooks

World War Z (WWZ) is a zombie apocalypse novel with a twist. Written in a journalistic style, the author has put together an eclectic bunch of interviews from survivors of a zombie invasion that wipes out quite a huge chunk of the world population. 243 more words


World War Z by Max Brooks

Like every good zombie story, World War Z is not about the zombies. Sure, they’re there, and they’re certainly an important plot device, but they’re not what the book is about. 492 more words

Book Review

Book Review: World War Z

I’m am not typically drawn to sci-fi and I haven’t jumped on the Walking Dead craze, but something about the way World War Z was presented made me want to read it. 198 more words


David Fincher Might Direct Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Sequel, But Probably Not

The 2013 film adaptation (boy is that word employed loosely here) of Max Brooks’s World War Z was one of the more notoriously troubled productions… 479 more words


What I'm Reading Wednesday

Happy hump day, friends!

I am actually back-tracking this week in my reading. I started World War Z by Max Brooks in June, and was really enjoying it. 314 more words


What I thought of Cinema Purgatorio #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.

A simply beautifully fearsome cover from Kev O’Neill welcomes us to issue 4 of Cinema Purgatorio and a very disturbing King Kong inspired story from Alan Moore and O’Neill. 236 more words


World War Z – Max Brooks

I felt like the only person in the world that hadn’t read this book. Friends in work had read it, family members had read it and even my personal trainer at the gym had read this book…I needed to read it. 457 more words