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World War Z by Max Brooks

  • ‘Have you read World War Z yet?’
  • ‘What?! that crappy film with Brad Pitt in it, there was a book?’
  • ‘Yep, give it a go, it’s top notch’
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What I thought of Cinema Purgatorio #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.

There’s something very Blue Jam about Alan Moore’s work for the increasingly interesting Cinema Purgatorio. All his stories so far have had a trippy, dark, horrific feel but are still funny in a twisted way very much like that series was so if Moore is drawing influence from Chris Morris I’m not complaining.  180 more words


Book Review: Zombie Apocalypse (Stephen Jones)

Clearly inspired by Max Brook’s amazing World War Z, Zombie Apocalypse (hardly an inspiring title) tells the story of an outbreak that begins in South East London before spreading throughout the country and eventually the world. 472 more words

The Disc

Book Review: 'World War Z' by Max Brooks


Ten years after the world was almost destroyed by zombies, a record was made to recount the stories of those who survived. To understand how such an event could come to pass, the accounts are broken up into eight sections. 612 more words

Book Reviews

cinema purgatorio #1

när jag hör namnet alan moore är det svårt för mig att inte le, jag är så himla glad i den gubben. så när jag hörde att han skulle sätta ihop en antologi med något slags ‘filmtema’, blev jag såklart intresserad… 198 more words


What I thought of Cinema Purgatorio #2

Thoughts about #1.

The second issue of this promising anthology title again starts with Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s opening story which centres round the stars of a old Roman epic who realise they’re on a film set and more. 250 more words