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The Candidate

Francis J. Williams was the latest candidate of the Democrats running for governor in the state of New York. He agreed to meet with me at the 9/11 memorial. 1,388 more words


World War Z // Max Brooks.

One of the most impressive aspects of Brooks’ craft is his quick apprehension of varied nations. Each voice…unique, each story…intriguing, each person…its own. The initial reaction to this hodgepodge was bewildering, but eventually it became a diverse tessellation–each block as important as the previous. 38 more words

Book Review

Hour 14: Book Mashup Madness | Dewey's 4.2016

Take two books. Mash their titles and plots together into one blurb. Share the result.

Caliban’s World War Z (Caliban’s War by James S. A.

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Becky's Two Hundred and Fifty-Sixth Book Review: "World War Z" by Max Brooks

“World War Z” by Max Brooks was a really entertaining read. It isn’t written as a novel, rather the book is a series of interviews taken in a post-apocalyptic world. 501 more words

Book Review

In which Michael Stipe and Luke Skywalker team up to save the world. CBR8 review 19.

I can’t remember when I first read World War Z. I think it was during CBR7, but maybe it was CBR6. It was a book I enjoyed, but I just never got around to reviewing it. 911 more words

Best Zombie Stories

It’s the Walking Dead finale tonight in America, tomorrow in the UK. In honour of this, I’m listing my favourite zombie stories.

28 Days Later… 962 more words

Popular Culture

World War Z by Max Brooks

I’ve always been fascinated by zombie lore. The idea of someone coming back to life, reanimated but not being themselves. I was not really a fan of the old school definition of a zombie, that they’re some supernatural being that is being controlled by magic or something along those lines. 327 more words