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ESPN "First Take" Is Unbearable

Molly Oerin is the least offensive of the trio that inhabits the very dangerous and “lower than low” standards territory of the ESPN show, “First Take.” 161 more words

Tebow Takes on Stephen A. Smith

Tim Tebow appears on ESPN First Take to discuss his career decisions

Tebow never will go away will he?  ESPN First Take invited Tim Tebow onto the show to promote his new book  97 more words


Stephen A. Smith Had a Freakout on First Take About Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony

Stephen A. Smith was beside himself today on First Take. The reason? Max Kellerman said that he preferred Blake Griffin over Carmelo Anthony in a playoff basketball scenario. 154 more words


The Golden Age of Ignorance in Sports Media

There was a time when sports television was entertaining and refreshing. Shows like ‘PTI’, ‘Around the Horn’, and ‘The Sports Reporters’ gave sports fans the opportunity to hear insightful and interesting commentary on the day’s top sports news. 403 more words

Colin Cowherd

When To Legalize PED's And Medical Marijuana In The NFL

Seems like we can’t go too long without a debate on the use of PED’s and medical marijuana in the NFL (and other sports). They’re not quite the same but, forgive the pun, I want to tackle them both. 1,039 more words

Jeff Schubert

Max Kellerman: "Tom Brady Is Going To Be a Bum In Short Order"

Corrections and Clarifications: Max Kellerman replaced Skip Bayless permanently on ESPN’s First Take. 

Max Kellerman replaced Skip Bayless on First Take. He has come out firing, claiming “Tom Brady is going to be a bum in short order.” Stephen A. 117 more words