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Shadow of the Vampire (2000

Shadow of the Vampire (2000): written by Steven Katz; directed by E. Elias Merhige; starring Willem Dafoe (‘Max Schreck’), John Malcovich (F.W. Murnau), Cary Elwes (Fritz Wagner), Udo Kier (Albin Grau), and Catherine McCormack (Greta): What if that guy who played the spooky vampire in the classic German silent movie… 281 more words

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Old School Review: Batman Returns


The 8th film I have seen in theaters…

The Bat, The Cat, and The Penguin 560 more words



Plot: The film is an adaptation of the gothic novel, Dracula. Count Orlok (the vampire) summons Hutter to his mansion. Once Hutter discovers Count Orlok is a vampire he want’s to leave the castle but he can’t escape. 244 more words


Nosferatu the Vampire

Max Schreck plays Nosferatu the Vampire in director H. W. Murnau’s silent horror classic, Nosferatu, made in 1922.


Every year around this time I manage to get a few horror films in, but true to form, I never get to everything I plan. I’ve planned for… 618 more words


Nosferatu (1922)

The greatest vampire film of all time is no romance.  It does not star beautiful people with pale skin and delicate seduction.  There is no high-collared regal wear.   1,656 more words