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Running Diary of Madness: Batman Returns

Running thoughts as I watch this movie again:

  • Paul Reubens played the Penguin’s dad.  No further comment.
  • Christopher Walken looks so out of place in this movie.  
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Vampire Legends: Max Schreck and Willem Dafoe (Countdown to Halloween)

Nearly a decade before Dracula was released, German expressionist director F.W. Murnau unleashed Nosferatu. Starring Max Schreck as a demented-looking creature of the night—which was more in line with… 106 more words

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F. W. Murnau, director of 'Nosferatu', loses his head

It is being reported by various news outlets that the skull of German director F. W. Murnau has been stolen from his family plot in Stahnsdorf, Germany.   198 more words


Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

Temperature: Warm

What if what you watch on the screen have something of truth. Yes, there are movies that are based on real events, but what if one of the most famous monster on screen was real.WOuld your perspective of the film changed? 555 more words


Dracula's Really Dead

by Chris Buchanan
Poetry, 2015

Dracula’s really dead this time
and he’s not coming back when
you bleed on his bones. He’s still
in his tomb this time, still as they… 102 more words


Opinion: Scariest Movie I've Ever Seen

I’m a fan of horror. I like being scared from time to time. Ultimately, what scares me most are things that are grounded with reality. However, when done well, I can be convinced that a reality that has been toyed with is real and can actually hurt me. 322 more words