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在家说普通话, 在学校说瑞典语, 所以大壮可能有点懵逼, 相比国内小孩语言发展要缓慢一些, 跟我们说话时也是中文夹杂瑞典语。
不过最近一段时间, 大壮语言能力有了突飞猛进的进步,知道äpple和苹果是一个东西了,能够表达完整的句子了, 也会准确的表达自己了。

跟妹妹在一起玩,虽然经常打架, 但是还是很爱护妹妹的。 晚上洗完澡都在床上玩, 妹妹爬到床沿, 大壮就会大叫: “妹妹回去, 妹妹回去, 要掉下去了”, 然后朝我喊:”爸爸, 妹妹要掉下去了“, 并且主动挡在妹妹前面防止她掉下床。
妹妹弄错什么事时, 他会在一旁哈哈大笑😀, 说“笑死啦”。。。

在海边玩, 妹妹往海边走,大壮也急的大叫: ”妹妹回来,妹妹回来, 危险~~~~“。 53 more words


Make Waves Excerpt: Supplemental Oysters

First off? If you came here from LinkedIn, this is my PERSONAL blog… and this character, Max Scott? He has no filter and no boundaries. Read at your own risk. 1,228 more words


Why I Will NOT Fly a 737 Max

Until such time as there are MECHANICAL changes to the 737 Nax, I will not fly one.

Why? Well, here’s how hard it is to get proper “trim” (i.e. 265 more words

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Reflectie - Max

Ik had in het begin van dit project 0 verwachtingen over het eindresultaat van dit project. Wel wist ik 1 ding zeker. Ik wilde me bezig houden met audio! 271 more words


Week 9 Meer Audio - Max

Zoals er in de vorige post is geschreven ben ik bezig geweest met de foley sounds voor de video. Deze heb ik afgemaakt en heb nog best wel veel sounds toegevoegd. 137 more words


Cat on a Quilt

Just Max looking cute again (still?) on one of Mom’s quilts.

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Blog #1692: Toy Review: NewAge Toys Legendary Heroes Mini Warrior Max (Cosmos)

NewAge Toys Legendary Heroes Mini Warrior Max (Cosmos)

Max (Cosmos)

Cosmos has never looked so awesome. He is absolutely perfect in both modes. He was a little tricky to transform, especially for such a small toy, but he’s worth it. 24 more words