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Protostar: Maxime Comtois

After their unceremonious exit from the playoffs last season, the Anaheim Ducks realized they needed a change in culture and roster. They tried to be a tough and physical team, but didn’t have the speed to keep up in the modern NHL. 533 more words


Chapter 139

It took me maybe forty-five seconds, a minute at the most, before I was clothed and heading for the door. I stripped the phone down to its constituent parts in the elevator in quick, precise movements. 2,839 more words


8. School Relationships, Am I Right?

Look at them; completely oblivious to the reality of relationships. I wish I could join them in bliss. – Anonymous

There’re all kinds of relationships, and I’ll probably touch base on them several times in later posts.

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6. My Hair

Do you want people to think you’re a boy? Or that you’re gay or something? Because cutting your hair and dressing like that gives them that impression.

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Michael's WIP Title Change

Michael is so prolific when he wants to be. When I give him an inch he takes a mile. *grins* This month I’ve handed him the reins completely. 1,018 more words