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Tarot por telefono 24 horas de máxima Confianza on Vimeo

Tarot por telefono 24 horas de máxima Confianza https://buenavidenteportelefono.blogspot.com.es/ Tarot por telefono 24 horas de máxima Confianza,If…


The first book of Moses cites as one of the distinctive marks of man:
to give animals names.
Now it is characteristic of the ordinary man, 108 more words



In early youth, as we contemplate our coming life,
we are like children in a theater before the curtain is raised,
sitting there in high spirits and eagerly waiting for the play to begin. 87 more words


cumsum(): Cumulative Sum in Maxima

Yesterday I needed a cumulative sum function in Maxima to do the job of cumsum() in R and MATLAB, but couldn’t find anything.  So here’s a one-liner that does the trick for a list: 11 more words

the horse

It is true that I believed in the immense privilege of living.
Each step amplified in me old but always mobile adorations.
It was a tree, the night, whole forests of roads, 103 more words


Jordan Canonical Form in Maxima

After not easily finding such a thing from a cursory search of the Maxima documentation, I spent a few hours over the weekend beginning to write a Maxima function to compute, for any given square matrix , an invertible matrix so that… 52 more words