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Day 15: Blue Magic

Many of you may not know that I bought my car in 2013. It was my first real purchase after my marriage ended and I was excited to have something I did for me. 1,047 more words


An undocumented synonym for diff() in Maxima

Today, a student turned in some Maxima work for my class. I discovered he had successfully used the command derivative() in place of diff() with seemingly identical results.  21 more words

the dark voice

Humans are the limbs of one/the same body,
and are from the same essence in their creation.
When the conditions of the time hurt one of these parts, 30 more words



The faults are divided into three groups…
affection, aversion and stupidity.
Affection includes
lust, avarice, and covetousness.
Aversion includes
anger, envy, malignity,
hatred and implacability. 30 more words


ethics, rule 1

not pleasure,
but freedom from pain,
is what the wise man will aim at…



the impossible refuge

Experience and suffering
are the mother of wisdom.

Be happy in your own soul.
Among pitiless townsmen
one will always abuse you,
another speak praise. 14 more words