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lettre II

All the men that exist in the world, are far removed from truth and just dealings;
but they are full of evil foolishness, which leads them to insatiable covetousness… 52 more words



Those are amusing persons, he said,
who take great pride in the things which are not under our control.
A man says, ”I am better than you ; for I have many estates, 112 more words


A pause() function for Maxima

In MATLAB, pause interrupts execution of a loop until the user strikes a key, and pause(<n>) pauses for <n> seconds before resuming execution.

Here’s my attempt at a… 144 more words

Who the hell is Willy?

Kingsday is coming up and you’ve probably heard all about this fantastic feast with orange, boats, parades and lots and lots of beers. Oh, and maybe the king? 805 more words

About Netherlands


love many things, for therein lies
the true strength,
and whosoever loves much performs much,
and can accomplish much,
and what is done in love is well done.

Van Gogh


Multiple plots in a single Maxima figure

In MATLAB, I often use the subplot() command to make an array of multiple plots in a single figure.

In Maxima, we can achieve that by generating each of the subplots using… 47 more words

dada self-portrait

in the midst of life we are in death
poets tell many lies,
the philosophers tend to give with one hand
and take away with the other. 171 more words