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On Motivations

Whenever you’re planning to do anything, whether it be getting that new job (or a job), moving out of the house, getting good grades, raising X amount of $$$, whatever, do it for… 82 more words

Extreme Dislikes

On Marriage

Gay marriage! Gay marriage! Gay marriage!  I’m sick of it!  Where’s my people at?!  The people who are opposed to straights getting married, a.k.a., opposed to marriage altogether?! 193 more words

Daily Rants

On Fan Myopia

First off, before I go any further refer to either of these links to understand what I’m talking about, versus me spending tl;dr amounts of text to explain the concept… 599 more words

College Is Fun...X/

On Groups of Friends

Always be aware of your category of friends.

There’s a difference between your party friends, your college friends, your con friends, etc., etc.  There’s a difference namely in how often you would hang out with said groups of friends. 143 more words

College Is Fun...X/

On Being Understanding

Well, at first it seems like a great idea; always trying to see where the other person comes from, what makes them tick, and just generally being open to different types of people and trying your darnedest not to alienate anyone…until the reality sets in.   154 more words

College Is Fun...X/

On Sharing

Only one thing needs to be said really: GET YOUR OWN STUFF!!!  ‘Sharing is caring’ my a&&, you look up and you have nothing.  This is namely when it’s not some type of symbiotic relationship with the sharingness where both parties benefit equally, but a more or less completely one-sided ‘well, I can take your stuff, so then you can have nothing’ type exchange of goods, F that.   44 more words

Extreme Dislikes

On Group Projects

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them /~.~\  On one hand you get a lot accomplished when being in a group, on the other hand you have to deal, talk to, and work with other people, which, as the blog name would imply, can be super cumbersome.   135 more words

College Is Fun...X/