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It was a roller coaster ride
A ride neither of us expected
It was the one I thought would last
The one I’ll never forget… 95 more words


Anchor and Wings

Me: So i will beg you to be with me forever in this lifetime..

Her: *In this lifetime and beyond we will be together*

Me: and if there are others after that be with me still… 45 more words


My Wings

With every ounce of strength I waste.
With every drop of blood from my vain.
Nothing  beats the power you give.

Every path I walk in this earth. 60 more words


Best Friend For Hire Reprise, Entry 165

Getting to work directly with James was pretty great, though we didn’t have time for talking. The Astors, an elderly couple with a very nice home ― at least, nice when not compared with James’ mansion ― had hired us to pack their belongings, load them onto a truck, and take them to be sold at an auction. 1,576 more words

The Four Members of the Democratic Elite and their Share in Breaking up the Democratic Party

Nancy Pelosi – House Minority Leader:

Nancy Pelosi may be on target with a lot of her objectives in trying to carry a tattered democratic party, however she does not see the party as divided. 769 more words

props to Maxine Waters us representative for speaking the truth on Trump

she  said  she has never seen as disrespectful and disgusting as Trump

and i applaud her   big time for always telling the truth. she knows… 73 more words