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Season 3, Episode 13: Nothing In Common

Hi guys. Well, we’ve finally reached the end of my beloved season three. You can kiss the old school Amanda and Busy good bye after this episode. 2,431 more words

Ready Or Not

Self Confidence on Exchange

(Yes I know this is another blog post. Yes I know I said I would make a vlog. YES I AM WORKING ON SAID VLOG… Anyways.) 323 more words

#Wentworth 's Boomer&Maxine: True Friendship via @stacyamiller85 @katrinamilosevi @SocratisOtto

As someone who usually prefers not watching prison dramas, watching Wentworth has been a pleasant surprise. 319 more words

TV Shows

Moosehead Lager dragon! / A painting dragon! / Calendar WTF from Maxine

I emailed Harmony about our plans for tomorrow – 4:30 sounds fine to me!

A dragon at Moosehead Lager!

A painting dragon!

From the Hallmark Cards character Maxine: Let’s face it. 9 more words


Oh August...New month means new beginning.

Hello Readers,

How many times did you promise yourselves to start new life? How about every single Monday. Thinking about it, I always remember myself giving this promises every single week. 443 more words