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Changeling: Issue #1

I awoke with a gasp and sticky bedsheets attached to my skin while my alarm clock blared.  Another nightmare had gripped me.

I swung my arm out and smashed the buttons on my alarm clock before slowly rising and rubbing sleep away from my eyes.   1,140 more words

Ring Multiverse

Need a Laugh? Friday Funnies!

I will be in Spring Cleaning mode soon and as all of my readers know, it is a task I just love….NOT!!

These Friday Funnies express my sentiments…enjoy! 11 more words

Hope Through Humour

Best Friend For Hire, Entry 175

“You really don’t need to go out. I will gladly cover the lost income if that will dissuade you. Duncan seems to be enjoying your company immensely.” claimed Alma, who had walked with me out to the drive as I was leaving for today’s job. 1,499 more words

Maxine vs Paige


Paige and Maxine fake a tie up and Maxine pokes Paige in the eye and Maxine drops Paige with a reverse ddt. Maxine picks up Paige and whips her into the corner but Paige comes right back out of the corner and drills Maxine with an inside out clothesline. 174 more words

Visiting the Cow Girls

Just before Sallie had her kids, I visited my cow girls, Maxine and Norma Jean.  Although, they are no longer mine.

I sold Norma Jean to my ex-brother-in-law.  109 more words


A Day with the Crazies

Since I wrecked the heck out of Winston (my pick-up that I loved) I have been bored as hell. All I have been doing is reading and hoping someone would come by to see me so I would have someone to talk to and keep me sane. 252 more words