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Best Friend For Hire, Entry 326

“Finally found time for me?” asked Maxine after stepping into my office in front of Mila.

I found out last night that Maxine shared her birthday with Alma and Portentia. 1,137 more words

The Powers That Be, Part 20: Out of line & out of luck

Aaand here we head into the climax-y chapters. Or… well… I mean, this is a big chapter for Franklin.

Actually, from this point on, I got a little overwhelmed and freaked out about all I had to do. 3,567 more words


An All-New Jolly Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, friends, and welcome to Filosofa’s Jolly Monday!  For those new friends who have only recently stumbled upon Filosofa’s Word, let me explain.  All week long I write ‘down & dirty’, mostly political.  1,203 more words


Once Again, It's ... Jolly Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, friends … come in where it’s warm!  I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend, or at least a relaxing one.  You guys are looking a little sleepy this morning … I’m going to have to work extra hard to get a chuckle from you, I think. 866 more words


The Powers That Be, Part 17: Actually getting somewhere

Haaaappy Sunday, everyone!

Well, it’s superbowl-day, so… yay? Enjoy that if you watch football. I’ll just be over here.

But hey, I’m just happy we’re getting the trailers for Mission Impossible and Solo. 4,360 more words


Saturday Surprise -- Limericks!

Saturday is finally here, the weekend lies ahead, and it’s time for Saturday Surprise!  I was mopping the floors yesterday, trying to think of what I would do for this week’s post, and I thought, for some reason, of our friend Colette, who has been mostly off the grid since around Christmas … last I heard, they were in Thailand, I think.  326 more words


Best Friend For Hire, Entry 324

Alma’s birthday was a success, though remarkably low-key. I knew the party would be low-key, but I thought low-key for her would involve a much larger number of guests, considering the piles of gifts that were sent throughout the day. 1,363 more words