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5 Reasons Why You Should Use 3D Visualisation for Your Next Event

Event Design can encompass the planning of Weddings, Charity Events, Corporate Functions, Awards Ceremonies and Product Launches to name but a few.    

3D Visualisation plays an important role in the Event Design process. 295 more words

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3D Visualisation for Portfolio Enhancement

Yup, you heard right.  

3D Visualisation isn’t JUST for your clients.  Effective use of 3D Visualisation, whether you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Event Designer or a Wedding Planner can also be used to illustrate YOUR design talents.   187 more words

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You Know You're a Bonafide 3D Visualiser When...

1. You develop a deep and profound relationship with your laptop, which by ‘normal’ standards is considered highly questionable and completely unhealthy.  This relationship can be extremely changeable, one day it can be full of love, respect and adoration… 242 more words

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A Glitchy Subject

Showreels are awesome.  

They’re used predominately by the Design/Creative fields to present work in a nice little compact, musical arrangement in a bid to pique interest and encourage prospective clients to investigate a little further.   455 more words

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Breezy, Modern Kitchen Anyone?

There’s no question that redesigning a kitchen can be an expensive and time consuming project.  I’m talking about a complete overhaul, not a quick paint job and re-door.   295 more words

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oculus / ancient rome challenge

My entry for the humster 3D / ancient Rome competition, got the Maxwell Render team choice!
The Pantheon, completed in its present form during Hadrian’s reign, in ca. 30 more words


3D Visualisation Animation - Ideal Home Magazine

I started creating animations to try and release some of my creative frustrations.  Sometimes it’s important to undertake personal projects without the threat of looming deadlines and strict briefs. 82 more words

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