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Ulster Tatler Interiors 3D Challenge

I haven’t set myself a 3D Visualisation challenge in such a looooooong time.  You remember my Ideal Home magazine challenge, right?  To recap, I replicated the front cover using 3D software. 508 more words

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Entrepreneurial Spark and My Surprise Commission

If you’ve been keeping up to date with recent events around here, you’ll be very aware that I left my office job of 17 yrs at the end of November to start my own Belfast based 3D Visualisation business. 487 more words

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Inside "sculpture expressing inner qualities"

Things are not always what they seem like. Sometimes we are surprised by the unexpected complexity of an object’s inside.


Get the lowdown on my 3D Visualisation Secrets!

I’m all for collaborating with like minded industry professionals, ESPECIALLY when those professionals just so happen to be an academic establishment.

I will always be grateful to the… 140 more words

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A Life Changing Decision

I’m no stranger to making ballsy decisions.  I’ve made a few in my time but I definitely thought those days were firmly behind me.

Until today, that is. 670 more words

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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Regardless of your area of expertise, it’s always nice to reach the stage where you become fairly confident in delivering the goods.  And usually when you reach this level, you are at risk of becoming comfortable and dare I say it, complacent. 261 more words

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How to Keep Your 3D Visualiser (ME) Happy

Ok, so you’ve got an awesome design project and you’ve decided that you’d like to avail of my 3D Visualisation services.  

Even though I cater to a range of design disciplines, the process I follow in order to create 3D visuals stays pretty much the same. 921 more words

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