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“Whom do the voters really want?” (“That’s nice.”)

Fifteen years ago today Tony Blair won the first of three elections. To mark this momentous anniversary, a few things. 203 more words


“Boris Ridiculous to Boris Dangerous”

Boris Johnson’s likely re-election as mayor of London tomorrow confounds those who thought that the intersection of comedy and politics was a left-wing thing. 629 more words

May 2012

The two fat truths about Cameron

Daniel Finkelstein is right, as usual, in The Times today (pay wall). Here is the important bit: 278 more words

David Cameron

The indicted list

My attempt to curb my enthusiasm for banning things – the world and her husband seems to agree that it is bad for my health – has weakened. 162 more words

Banned List

Expedited BBC Bias

The BBC Trust has excelled itself in euphemism. It did not like my friend Stan Rosenthal’s repeated complaints about the BBC’s anti-Blair bias, so it has put him on an “expedited complaints” procedure. 310 more words

Iraq War

The Re-Engagement

Peter Popham has a good article at The Daily Beast on Tony Blair’s evil conspiracy to subvert the British way of life by “re-engaging” in UK politics. 241 more words

Tony Blair

Power to the People?

I was going to write in The Independent on Sunday about the paradox of the Government offering power to the people, in referendums on directly elected mayors, and the people replying, “No, thank you.” 240 more words

May 2012