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31st May 2012 21:05

Mum’s gone to bed with a headache so had no dinner. Random point her but remember this: Enjoy the little things. Like catching the bus, having funny conversations, stupid things people do (like Rhys breaking the banister on the huts just by leaning on them), random walks down the beach, days with friends, family get togethers, SUMMER! 23 more words

May 2012

30th May 2012 20:03

Aha just remembered Emma’s dad came to pick her up from the bus stop today and we all thought it was a paedo :/ Awkward. Isn’t it weird how people change? 17 more words

May 2012

30th May 2012 19:46

Having my teeth out at the hospital. Thank God but I have to have some taken from the inside the gums. I have had such a good few days. 103 more words

May 2012

15th May 2012 16:57

Urgh so pissed off. Sara’s babysitting tonight so I have to go to Kirsty’s for dinner and to watch TVD. It’s weird how she knows more about me than my mum. 235 more words

May 2012

10th May 2012 22:13

I ma so nervous for the orthodontic tomorrow. Why couldn’t I just be normal. I know nothing’s happening but I’m still scared. I keep seeing boys that are really fit. 107 more words

May 2012

Review // Slated by Terri Terry

Title // Slated
Author // Teri Terry
Pages // 448 pages
Publisher // Orchard Books
Series // Slated, #1
Release Date // May 2012
Find it on… 701 more words

Target Audience: Young Adult

The Best Architecture and Design on the Oaxaca Riviera: You Told Us!

By Marcia Chaiken and Jan Chaiken

The March issue of the Huatulco Eye focused on Mexican architecture and design. Since we know that our writers’ views of coastal Oaxaca don’t always agree with yours, we asked you, our readers, to tell us what types of coastal architecture and design you think are the best. 484 more words