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This review is of the original Hasbro blue stripe Black Series Chewbacca from years ago.


The Force is strong

When Emma posted “it’s a sad day in the Gillis household”, I thought the worst. A death. The dog? I was almost relieved to finish reading the post – 411 more words


Tattoo #2 đź’‰

Hey guys, so since I had my first tattoo I instantly became addicted.

So on may the fourth (star wars day) , I booked my star wars tattoo, it was 40% off due to it being may the fourth , and I instantly fell in love with a design. 115 more words

Seinfeld’s “Eric The Clown” Wears Big Shoes While Writing About Stories That Take Place In A Galaxy Far, Far Way

If you are a Star Wars kid from back in the day, you no doubt were up for any excuse to watch anything you could get your hands on that was related to Star Wars that aired on tv! 267 more words

The Force Will Be Strong With Finn’s Barber In Star Wars Episode IX

I’m always interested in the day to day lives of heroes and villains, especially the ones in the Star Wars Universe. For instance, where do they shop for clothes? 307 more words

Watching Star Wars, back in 1977!

This story is not about me, of course, since I wasn’t even born, so I can only imagine…and it’s fascinating!

I wish I had recorded today’s lunch conversation with my co-workers. 404 more words

#MotivationMonday: You are a hero

By The Collected Canadian

I remember leaving the theater with a feeling of deep-gut restlessness after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, specifically Rey’s character arc. 84 more words