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Another Friday fact ❤

Well, hello. First, something out of context – there are so many people, including each and one of us that should be appreciated almost equally to those who have really had the chance to influence this world in a grand manner; some have the luck to be born rich, some really talented, some have the chance to be discovered, some don’t, some work their a**es off, some just manage to be in the right place at the right time; just because some have more opportunities and somehow reduce the amount of time in which they show what they can do, doesn’t mean that those who stay in a shadow can’t do something more. 453 more words


May The FORCE Be With You!

The Stake young women’s and young mens presidency kicked off the new year with a STAR WARS theme dance!  The youth came out in record numbers!  247 more words

Free Star Wars Desktop Wallpaper

I’m really excited to share this free 1600 x 900 desktop wallpaper, watermark free, that I’m already using on my own personal facebook page.

View the fullsize image and download in a new tab by clicking here. 25 more words


Is the force REALLY with you?

All around us there is a proverbial “force”. Some call it god, some call it the universe, chi, and many other names. The fact of the matter is, it is all around us and influences us in every single way. 560 more words

Design of the Week - "Kyber Hearts"

Happy New Year to all!

In the spirit of starting off this new year on the right foot, this week’s designs have been dedicated to the recent Star Wars film, Rouge One. 189 more words

Poem: A Tribute to Princess Leia

Note: This was a draft from 2015 when I was preparing for a Nerd Slam at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational at Virginia Commonwealth University. 419 more words


The Force of Love That Sings in the Rain

“The love of my life.” That’s what some say we should hope to find. Typically, I find they are discussing the romantic love we devote an entire lifetime to. 1,326 more words

Sex And The Motherhood