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Millions of Voices - Improvised Star Wars - Derby Comedy Festival 1 May 2016

Millions of Voices: The Improvised Star Wars Show

Sunday 1st May 8.30pm at The Maypole Cafe Bar & Theatre

We’re delighted to be geeking it up and telling the lost tales of Star Wars in the… 161 more words

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Dad Uses "Millennium Falcon" To Pull Daughter's Tooth

I have seen some interesting videos of people using unusual methods to pull their kids loose teeth, but this one is the best.  A Dad used a Millennium Falcon drone to pull his daughters tooth… 6 more words


The Original Trilogy Returns to the Big Screen!

Following the success of The Force Awakens, it looks like a new generation of Star Wars fans will get to experience the spectacle of seeing the original 3 movies in theaters. 349 more words


'Force Awakens' exclusive video: No, Kylo Ren is not a Resistance spy

By Mashable – It’s the Force Awakens theory that just won’t die. You may have seen it on a Facebook wall or two since the movie landed with a Starkiller-sized splash last December. 395 more words


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Although I remember watching one installment back in 2005, I could not remember any detail of it. So, technically, I know close to nothing about… 162 more words

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New Year's Resolution No. 16 Accomplished

A brief message from yours truly:

Per #16 here, I would just like to say I have accomplished, demonstrably and unequivocally, one of my New Year’s resolutions. 141 more words


BB-8 (Free Patern)

I saw ‘Star Wars’ over Christmas. Soooo good. And I’m not even a huge Star Wars geek (although I know enough to know that the first three movies don’t actually exist). 865 more words