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Women.Born.Alive | 05.24

Ynés Mexia (24 may 1870 – 12 jul 1938 | Washington DC – Berkeley CA) artist, botanist, essayist, lecturer, photographer, independent scholar

Lillian Evelyn Moller Gilbreth… 320 more words


These Days

Basking in the beauty and deliciousness that is Felix Trattoria.

Pops of red on my nightstand currently.

Sometimes all you need is a road trip to Tomales Bay on a weekend. 83 more words


the greens deepen

mayfaire comes at the waldorf school and the blossom beads of twirling reeds come spinning through the children’s hair ; the light streams like a never ending resource ; the laughter grows in petals and in purpose – we all gasp at the beauty – the ribbons, the flowers, the aching imagery from some place where the world was whole ; we adults say out loud to each other – it’s like another time ;; I think perhaps maybe we can’t handle the exquisite horror of the modern world, the unendingly banal and mundane ; the vain and heartless bullshit of it all, we ache for something real, for something beautiful, so perhaps we escape reality (perhaps reality has escaped realness) has pushed off from shore ; I feel a kinship with these strange people ; with this band of people that cannot stand the way the world is ; that cannot cope ; sure, i cannot cope, i escape the world, i hide in worlds that make me forget, that make me imagine the world is something different than it is – But I have to – there’s no life out there for me in the real world ; I have to keep my mind full of real reality or it will slip so quickly into the unending tragedy of the world… 239 more words

05.23.2018 - Day w GMary: Mall Haul

I love my grandmother so much. And I had such a great time driving her to shop in Mobile. She needed some things and I was happy to take her. 420 more words


Photos from May Events

As the spring wraps up, I wanted to share some event photos from May. I participated in Arts on the Ridge in Ridgeway, South Carolina early in the month, and had the opportunity to participate in a pop-up market mid-month at JCrew in Columbia, South Carolina. 125 more words


24th May 1153. St. Margaret: 'Pearl of Scotland'.

David I the 12thc Prince of Cumbria and later King of the Scots, was crowned at Scone in 1124 and reigned until his death in Carlisle Today in 1153.(1) 479 more words