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Love and Hate For Trump In Britain

The UK establishment is siding with the CIA & Clinton to overthrow Trump, even before he has taken office. While the paedophile market riggers hate him, the rest of the UK should herald him as a saviour – he has the means to free the British people from the tyranny of the British government.


Two graphs show Tories' #winterpressures excuse is #fakenews

Ok, this article is going to show you four graphs, but one is for background and one of the others is just a different type of chart depicting the same information as one of the others, for those who find it easier to read.. 785 more words

Is this the most embarrassing #PMQs answer ever?

The SKWAWKBOX has already covered last week’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions), in which Jeremy Corbyn took Theresa May to pieces on the government-created NHS ‘humanitarian crisis’ and Mrs May chose to ‘thank’ the Red Cross for bailing out sinking hospitals by calling them ‘irresponsible’. 463 more words

May scapegoats #GPs but it only takes ONE line to see WHO's to blame for #NHScrisis

In a landmark speech to the Fabians on Saturday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called out Theresa May’s approach to the NHS and the ‘humanitarian crisis… 695 more words

It’s hard not to be rude

It’s hard not to be rude when you listen to the news.

Headlines from the Conservative Party telling GPs that the answer to the problem* is their opening longer hours. 414 more words


2016 IN REVIEW – The Films I Didn’t See (January – July)

Normally, I break down the year into three 4-month long pieces, but I actually saw so many films this year, the early half was pretty lopsided, resulting in a very small list of films from January through April and then an increasingly longer list of films for the other two parts. 4,346 more words

Year In Review

S14E33 - Kids' Stuff

May 29th, 2012

Previously on Holby City more than half of Keller wasn’t straight, Mo arrived glorious and pregnant with her bestie Jonny (who hooked up with Jac at a seminar and then in a cupboard). 1,537 more words