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Máy chiếu phim HD giá rẻ - 11000000 | Nhật tảo

Máy chiếu phim HD giá rẻ là dòng máy chiếu HD 720p và Full HD 1080p và có đủ chức năng Full 3D 1080p/i cho chất lượng trình chiếu khá tốt ngay cả khi…


Are you a Tory? Go talk to your MP before it gets even more messy…

Adam is reading International Relations at the Department of War Studies and is the blog’s editor for Europe.

When asked about the British exit this summer I usually cautioned both those who suggested that the UK will end up ultimately pushing the actual exit into the unforeseeable future forever, and those who suggested that the exit will happen soon without much delay. 1,825 more words


MPAC 6 Communicating

Saving the best, or perhaps the most important, until last, MPAC 6 is the verbal part of the Rule of Four. Problems and real life situations are “translated” from ideas or words into the symbols, equations, graphs, and tables where they are examined and manipulated to find solutions. 684 more words

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Zendaya - Mood...I think I may have some Italian blood somewhere in th...

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May: 'The only good Gay is a dead Gay'

The Government renewed their commitment to pardoning homosexuals for being ‘being a bit gay’, provided they had the good sense to have been declared deceased.  Blocking a private member’s Bill – that would have pardoned thousands of living homosexuals – Justice Minister Sam Gyimah made it clear that in had no problem with alternate lifestyles, as long as they were practised six feet under. 146 more words


10 Horror Movies Set During Halloween You Need To See On October 31st

These movies will help you prepare for your Halloween night movie marathon

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably seen every horror classics that people typically watch during Halloween. 765 more words

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As the FM and PM discuss #Brexit we wonder if the SNP are thinking as a government or a campaign group? 

For the first time since 2014 the leaders of the devolved nations will be visiting Downing Street today.

As custom dictates at such meetings, there will be the usual smiles in front of Downing Street, warm words for the camera about productive working relationships and further talks to be had. 367 more words