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Passing of the Pioneers

It’s Women’s History Month so I thought I would have an all female Passing of the Pioneers. Men have dominated past Passing of the Pioneers posts so I didn’t think it was going to be easy. 2,747 more words

Pioneer Obituaries

Bird Population Soaring

Pleased to report that in March 2017 I can add a new nesting bird species to my piece of paradise.  High in the Longleaf Pine Tree… 710 more words

Native Plants

Brexit: Forget Post-Truth, we are now witnessing the Politics of Self-Delusion

Last year, following the EU Referendum (and the American 2016 Presidential Election), many outlets said we were living in the period of Post-Truth. This was a very generous way of saying that claiming that leaving the EU would save £350 Million a week for example, were utter nonsense. 862 more words

Fort Collins: Capital Expansion Fee Discussion Delayed

The City Council was scheduled to consider an ordinance increasing the City’s capital expansion fees on March 21, however that discussion was postponed until May. This delay could be helpful because it gives groups like the Chamber of Commerce, which opposes the increases, more time to lobby the Council and identify allies.

Gov't Affairs

New Statesman's 'fake news' on #PMQs/#Brexit/#A50 signals liberal switch

Sometimes you just despair, especially when as a ‘citizen journalist’ you try to emphasise the actual ‘journalist’ bit, with some objectivity if not impartiality, combined with a reasonable grasp of facts and context. 511 more words

Disney Cast Members Will Get Early Preview Of Pandora: The World Of AVATAR

It was announced today that Walt Disney World Cast Members with a Main Gate Pass will get to preview Pandora: The World Of AVATAR before it opens to the general public. 120 more words