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Turn To Camera

Here’s my current progress on the turn to camera project! I’m really happy with how this is going and I’ve loved doing the facial animation and lip-syncing! 23 more words

Making and Texturing a Barrel

Building and Texturing a Barrel

First off we set the project and then added the reference image to the image plane. We then created a cylinder and sized it to the widest width of the reference. 501 more words


Making and Texturing a Crate

Building and Texturing a Crate

First off we added the scene to our Asset Pack folder then created a cube. Then after adding a reference image we resized it to fit within the reference. 320 more words


Building a Bridge in Maya

Building a Bridge

Like last time, we first set our project, then added our reference image. We then built columns like we did before in the arch section. 313 more words


Building an Arch in Maya

Building an Arch

Again, like with the column, we created a new scene but this time we set it to our previous project. We then added a reference image from the folder provided on Moodle and then sized it and moved it to the preferred size and translation and then created a cube and sized it accordingly. 370 more words


Building a Column in Maya

Building a Column

First off, we created a new project titled ‘Asset Pack’ and then created a new scene. Next, we then added a reference image onto the image plane by going into front view (Press Space and Space again when hovering over front view) and then created a cylinder then sized it up to the bottom section of the column. 368 more words


Turn to Camera on Stepped

Think this will be it on stepped, I wanted to save it before I changed it just in case!

Ignore the lighting, I’ll be putting the animation into TVPaint so haven’t really fixed anything else up.