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Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You? (part 2)

I promised to write an answer, a sequel to the piece called “Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You?” which presented you with the plight of the soul  and what happened to our original purity and innocence as we “grew up” in a materially dominant world. 1,136 more words

Recent Writings

Interactive Media - VR Space Horror Game

For this project the goal was to create assets for games that were being created by coding students. We had free reign of design over the projects and were able to interact with the coders as though they were clients. 67 more words


Interactive media: VR Game Assets

I Modeled and textured assets for the “Sweet F****** Swords” VR game in Interactive Media.   My workflow consisted of modeling and uv mapping my assets in maya then exporting them into substance painter where I layered materials to produce my final assets.  26 more words


Asset Design for Sweet Swords VR

Sound Design/editing-

Made with the Assistance of Kasey Hall, Dereke Winsor, Tyler Sudyn and Aidan Wilson


Health Bar-


Also worked on the sound editing for the VR Horror/Puzzle game.

Non-Time Based

Sweet Persuasion - Maya Banks - Thoughts - Click Image

139 followers, I am convinced that there is a special group of women out there who secretly dream of being porn stars and so they write about it and mask it as an erotic romance novel. 204 more words


Jump in Maya

This is my walker jump I made in Maya. Something that I could improve is the length of the jump as it looks like the walker hovers in the air too much as it falls.