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Blade Runner is better than Star Wars, feed me your outrage.

In the great works of science fiction, all items with some visual prowess is derived from some form of life.

With this in mind I have created my own spaceship. 202 more words


P-zero: Journey of Medialogy

So, this was done as the first group project at Medialogy. The goal was to make an interactive poster that advertised the education itself. 900+ lines of code and 1 million polygons later, we had a guy that we could drag around a map. 52 more words


Spaceship! UVs!

The Normandy SR1 from Mass Effect (and a little of Mass Effect 2 before it’s destroyed) was what I was trying to 3D model. I’m not the greatest at modelling, so I thought its design was simple enough to start with. 389 more words

Weekly Challenge - Time

My submission for this week’s Advanced Lighting, Texturing, and Compositing class. The theme was time, and it was open to any ideas we had – I went with an hourglass, as I’ve always loved the way they look.


Settings to Animate in Maya

Each time you go to create an animation in Maya, you should check that these settings are as follows:

  • Allow weighted tangents
  • Auto-key
  • Default in key (linear)
  • Default out key (stepped)

Starting the process

Step 1

To start out this I did a quick six part tutorial for a warm-up/refresher on Maya basics. Choosing a tutorial is a great place to start for a beginner or someone getting back into Maya. 68 more words


Biped AutoRig Version 1

It’s been a while! I’ve been very, very busy with school, but I haven’t been idle with rigging.

I finished a complete biped auto-rig for a video game project I’m helping out on. 575 more words