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Wonder of the New World 3/7 - Chichen Itzá

The ancient Maya kingdom of Chichen Itzá was the third stop on my quest to conquer the 7 wonders of the New World. While not quite as impressive as its Incan counterpart to the south, it still ranks as one of the most memorable days of my year. 556 more words


Hey! I’m Maya. I’m of Taíno and mixed European descent, and have lived in Claremont all my life. I am an upcoming junior at Claremont High School, and I enjoy spending my time drumming, rock climbing, and teaching. 134 more words

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Is Erdogan's Coup a Hoax?

In other words, did Turkey’s president take a rare eclipse ocurrence to impose a three-month “State of Emergency”? Hard to believe? One needs only data for the 2016-17 solar eclipses and a hebrew calendar converter. 225 more words


Belize's "Blue Hole"

Belize’s “Blue Hole”

When i see the “Water World “, show  in Universal Studios.

 In the “Water World “, show they  found dry-land . It looks like a fake story but when you came to know about Belize’s “Blue Hole”,our thinking  will change into reality. 44 more words


Im Urlaub zu beschäftigt zum Bloggen :-)

Seit fast zwei Wochen (bzw. einer Woche)  sind wir nun schon in Urlaub und was soll ich sagen … es gibt keine Zeit zum Bloggen und ehrlich gesagt bin ich froh, wenn ich mal NICHT am PC sitzen muss. 605 more words


[MtoA] Renderman performance warning

If you have both Renderman and MtoA installed, you may see a warning that says “Arnold for Maya degrades Renderman performance.” Unless you are running a version of MtoA from 20 months ago, this performance warning is… 24 more words


Adventures: The Animals and "le xar ichaj" (the blue vegetable)

At the PLQ (Proyecto Lingüistico Quetzalteco) in Xela (Quetzaltenango) Guatemala, I have been brushing up on my Spanish conversation, and learning the indigenous langauge, K’iche’ (as… 563 more words

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