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The 100 Year Dark Age of the Maya and the Eruption of El Chichon

Many ancient cultures worshiped volcanoes and many believed them to be actual living creatures. Volcanoes have played a big part in human history and one of those places where this was so was in the ancient lands of the Maya. 1,229 more words


Obstacle Challenge Treatment

Working Title – Maya Obstacle Challenge

Genre – 3D animation

Duration –Between 30 seconds

Outline – The animation will consist of my Fuse character making his way across the obstacle course. 219 more words


Chapter 3.9- Two Teenagers

Josh got a chance card.

Whisper loves jumping onto the counters

Maya scolds her

Soon, Little Jenna was a teenager too

Maya maxed her Vet skill… 172 more words

ISBI Challenge

UVing and Texturing (1/?)

Oh boy. Just placed some basic textures to make sure everything was okay.



They are very vibrant and I’ll consider toning it down and doing some more detail work on the textures once it’s all done. 36 more words


Sky Chief Art Test - Day 4 & 5

Day 4

Again, sorry for the late posting, I have been very busy!

Day 4, I finished off the model of the gas pump. I came across a few issues just in terms of cleaning up the topology so that there wasn’t any non-manifold geometry.

327 more words

Euler | reluE

How about a magic trick?

Open up Maya and build a stupid simple reverse foot rig. Go on, I’ll wait. This shouldn’t take you more than a minute, tops. 363 more words