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Attempting to model character

Today I started to model my character in Maya, and lets just say it didn’t go well. At first it seemed okay I did the sketches for reference the body was coming along nicely, but after modelling the arm I came to realise that my sketches weren’t to the correct proportion  that I originally planned. 151 more words

Alchemists annoymous 

On Tuesdy Emelia and I went to an Abditory meeting, and it was weird.

We walked in and were met by the strong scent of incense and cinnamon. 983 more words

Blog Entry

Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense

Question: Why do you talk to people like this?

Acharya Prashant: There is this tree out there and it has a few leaves and when the wind blows the leaves also blow. 347 more words


1003: Maya Fruit Modelling

For one of the project one briefs we were set the task of recreating a still life in Maya, making sure to replicate the lighting, textures and proportions. 170 more words

Animation 1003

"YOU! I wanna take you to a Gay Bar!"

Nothing like a good old reference to Electric Six’s Gay Bar’

Anyway I’ve done a bit modelling. YEY!

For the environment of my animation it’s going to take place at a bar. 72 more words


Model #2: Male Character - Original Design by Trent Reyes

Close Up


Original Character Sheet

First and Second Read Block Ins


Full Sail Projects