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Learning Maya

I started learning Maya again! I haven’t touched it in a while, but the 2016 version seems pretty good so far. I had quite a lot of issues with the 2014 version, it was quite buggy and I really hope the same thing doesn’t happen again. 155 more words


Maya 2016 & Arnold | Color Management

Unfortunately Arnold is not entirely support Maya’s new Color Management System (yet).

This is one way how you render with Arnold in Maya 2016:

Maya’s Color Management System is turned on by default. 260 more words


Black holes, Souls and Human body cells

As I sat watching an episode of “Journey through the wormhole”, information flooded me. The extent of knowledge, possibilities, probabilities, perspectives, that I have not even bothered to contemplate on, hit me on the face. 705 more words


Chiang Mai: Halal Street and Shopping Area

Halal food can be easily found in Chiang Mai. Located near the Night Bazaar, adjacent to Chang Klan Rd, Halal Street Hilal Town is a popular area among Muslim travelers. 240 more words


झगडा गर्ने तरिका

१. टुइट, रिटुइट पढ्नु, र निउखोज्नु
के के सिरिज हेर्छ भन्दै निउखोज्नु

२. भबिश्यको कुरा लिएर निउखोज्नु
वर्तमानमा गरेको चालचलन देखेर निउखोज्नु

३. खाना एक्लै खानु, माया आएपछि हास्नु
मायालुले किन एक्लै खाना खाएको भनेर निउखोज्नु

४. सोसल मेडियामा लेखेको कुरामा निउखोज्नु
संगै हुँदा बोलेको कुरा संग निउखोज्नु

५. एकअर्कालाई नबुझ्नु अनि निउखोज्नु
कैलेकाई जिस्केर यतिकै निउखोज्नु

६. अन्तिममा एकार्कालाई बुझ्नु, माया गर्नु
अनि निउनखोज्नु, माया बढाउनु

Ein ereignisreicher Tag

Zumindest für Maya war das heute ein spannender Tag.

Es begann damit, dass wir bei der morgendlichen Gassirunde Jonte trafen. Jonte ist zwei Jahre alt, ein Mix aus allem möglichen (inklusive Schäfer, Rottweiler, Amstaff und noch ein paar mehr) und er wohnt nur ein paar Häuser weiter. 936 more words


Character Visualization no 17 :Love Over Powers

Seeing Maya lie  in ICU  ward no .1 with all machines attached to her face , Veer′s face falls down in shame because he the  great Veer has  accused Maya  for every small mistake she did in these 5 years of their married life  .Veer from the initially stages of his marriage never like Maya  as he was mourning over Georgia and his unborn child ′s death  caused by  Maya′s rent-less accuses due to his rejection    because Georgia had easily  found the way to impress him by using her sexual prows   during his hay days in Stanford University  back then when they were all doing Ms in‘Computers’. 520 more words