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Maya 2016: XGen Enhancements

Just a couple of new enhancements to the XGen workflow.


Waiting for the Bus...

I have a few walk cycles ready to put into my showreel but I also wanted something that wasn’t a cycle. So using the Dex character from the body mechanics mega pack, I created a Bus stop and decided to animate the character waiting for a bus which would then drive on by… 467 more words


Vehicle modelling in Maya

Here is the model that I did during the first semester for Maya modelling assignment. There is also an animation video at the end of the post where I added this model into Unity3D scene.


Hideaout bedroom. Maya Screenshot Viewport 2.0

Screenshot from maya viewport 2.0. Hideout scene. Modeled, textured and lit following concept. Difuse, specular, reflection, normal maps created and applied. under 50k polycount.

Click on the  images for full resolution


Maya talks to Will

Do you know that feeling when you come back to a place after one month and nothing seems familiar anymore? The giant plants took over the city, the weather is hot. 159 more words

moving to autodesk maya

Dear all my readers… sorry for not posting in this blog for soo long..haha

been busy with my career..

as i am now working on an animation company in my homeland,most of the time here i will be using autodesk maya..so from now on expect my works and tutorial to be those for autodesk maya (2014).. 30 more words