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Scenery for Project 4

I decided that for my project 4 animation that I would use the same set I created for the fox trot animation. I didn’t want it to look exactly the same though so I did a little editing making it sunrise instead of daytime. 39 more words


Look at her goooo

Wow! Its an anime. I wish I could figure out how to render this in better quality.

Blind hearted

The seers, non-believers
Cannot understand what they cannot see
Yet when they see, they do not believe
What is it that deceives? Is it a thief of belief?



Houses of mirrors

No beginning, no end
In the journey of a circle
Glimpses of moments frozen
Snapshot of the time

Faces dragged along
Between unborn seconds
Fading, mutating life… 78 more words


Climate Science: The Yucatan

The goal of this project is to investigate the role of climate change in the collapse of two ancient civilizations of the Yucatan Peninsula: Oxkintok and Calakmul. 252 more words



We all are servants
Of a great illusion

DidiArtist 15.10.2015