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E.R. - Chapter 1

A/N: Yes, I know you’re expecting an update for PBMLW or MaMS, or even for BCWMH Extended. But there are so many stories lined up in my laptop and I felt that I should at least, release one chapter for one of those stories, so that I’ll be forced to write more updates for the other current stories so I can finish one soon. 2,481 more words


[MtoA] Normal mapping with mayaBump2d

mayaBump2D has an RGB parameter for normal maps, and it’s named “normal_map”:

C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2015\bin>kick -l ..\shaders -info mayaBump2D
node:         mayaBump2D
type:         shader
output:       RGBA
parameters:   11
filename:     ..\shaders/mtoa_shaders.dll

Type          Name                              Default
------------  --------------------------------  --------------------------------

FLOAT         bump_map                          0
FLOAT         bump_height                       1
RGB           normal_map                        0, 0, 1
BOOL          flip_r                            true
BOOL          flip_g                            true
BOOL          swap_tangents                     false
BOOL          use_derivatives                   true
BOOL          gamma_correct                     true
ENUM          use_as                            bump
RGBA          shader                            0, 0, 0, 1
STRING        name… 130 more words

Rendering breaks even the strongest of us

New frame

Old frame

When you’re getting close to render time and wham! All the problems start… So Dorothy’s pupils in the newest render tests have disappeared which is a little confusing but thankfully it was easily resolved. 121 more words

Rigging updates - LRRH FINALLY FINISHED!!!

The weightpainting is finally finished!

I think Lrrh was one of the most difficult characters for weightpainting, especially when it came to her dress/apron, but I think it turned out pretty well… :) 79 more words


BA3 The project: Attempting to UV my first model. Oh..And now I have 2 monitors!!!

Ok …I should have practised first…so I will go back and attempt something a little simpler now, but this is what I achieved before hand.. 99 more words


Lintel 24 from Yaxchilan - Classical Maya (400 BC - 900 AD)

This image shows a wonderful lintel from Yaxchilan, a Mayan city. It was made at the beginning of the 8th century AD. The lintel is kept is the British Museum. 321 more words