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3D Animation Task 3

Maya was the programme that I used to create my 3D stapler, using the techniques I had previously learnt such as shading, sculpting and animating. I was basing my 15 second animation off an ordinary stapler that I had documented in task 2 of the 3D animation task, however in the animation itself I would be altering the shape slightly in order to portray emotions and exaggerated movements. 1,385 more words

After Effects CC

Cat Animation

Today I continued working on my cat animation. I finished animation blocking and added in a camera and animated it. I also worked on adding in squash and stretch modifiers. 70 more words


2017 365 #15

“Oh, did you want to read this? I’m sorry, but there’s a bird outside the window I need to keep an eye on.”


Let's plan a Heist

So here’s a quick update into what I’ve been doing for today and what I plan to do over the weekend. I’m currently working on the storyboard for animation and so far it’s looking pretty good, rough, but pretty good. 326 more words

Concept Art -Mudbox and Medieval

So the lesson in Concept Art today was an introduction to Mudbox and how we can texture and apply detail to our models.

To begin with, I’d downloaded a Maya file of some steps, wall and spiked post (as shown above) and a UV unwrapped image of the spiked post shown below. 488 more words

3D Modelling