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Mayan Academy of Ancient Astronomy

Xultun, Guatemala

Ancient Maya Astronomic Workshop

In the steamy jungles of Guatemala, a team of archeologists led by Boston University’s William Saturno returned in 2011 to a little known site named Xultun.

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Ancient Mayans

Mayan Calendar - The Longest Count

The ancient Mayans had the world’s most accurate calendar.

Many dates carved at Mayan ruins reveal how Mayan civilization used calendars. This calendar called the “Count of Baktuns” keeps a continuous count of days from the beginning of the last Great Cycle, when the Mayas say our current human race was created. 821 more words

Ancient Mayans

Mayan Calendar - Timekeeper of Life

The Mayan calendar shaped ancient Mayan culture.  Mayas thought of time as divine and eternally flowing without beginning or end.  Time and space were two aspects of the same divinity.  484 more words

Ancient Mayans

I'd Like To See A 'Start of the World' Party

Minutes, Hours, Days
Weeks, Months, Years

First beers
Conversations, Calendars
The end of one
The start of something new

Begin to picture
The freedom
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Sylvan Solace

Hau, Mitakuye Oyasin!  Hello,  All my relations!

A month has flown by.  I’ve visited the stillness of the sunwashed Cleveland Hills – not, on this occasion, the wild, gusting-gale moors of Kathy and Healthcliff’s “Wuthering Heights” mercifully!    970 more words

Earth Transition

Opening Salvo

Welcome, Kinder. This year promises to be somewhat different for you, regardless of the expectations you have brought with you into the room. Our focus in 2012 (for however long… 799 more words