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some stars

Some Stars

These are amazing, each
Fleeting with the light of each other
As a performance in the night
Arranged by chance

Floating like trees in morning… 126 more words


Opening the Gates to the Human World, Part 6

Note: December 21, 2012 was the final day in one of the Long Counts in the Mayan Calendar.  There were rumors that the end of that long count would also be the “end of the world”.   661 more words

Sweet Medicine Sundance Path

Linda Sajiw's first blog post

Linda is a bit of a late comer to this blog challenge.  I met her last Friday at my Surrey networking breakfast.  When I talked about the challenge, I saw a light in her eye.   85 more words

Member Blog Posts

Winds of change: my doomsday story

It’s January 2013 and I still report to my desk job same as usual instead of somewhere underground sheltered from nuclear fallout or solar flares or other fantastic cataclysm (not that I have such an underground shelter to go to). 759 more words

Current Events

Ehnother Podcast Episode 19


Hello friends! Here we are in the new year and I am starting it off right by being 3 days late! Great stuff! I have been sick for a week which is why it is late. 29 more words

Ehnother Podcast

Taking notes 9: The end of the beginning

by Daniel Pinchbeck

At last, we have reached the end of the classic Mayan Long Count calendar, the 5,125-year cycle that ended on December 21st of last year. 2,232 more words

“Jupiter Together With Saturn Helps Make Sense of the Senseless”

The weeks before the winter solstice the conversation at work seem to center around whether the Mayan prophecies would manifest, and if it did, what would really be the outcome? 631 more words