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Taking on Mexico

Hello from Mexico! Sorry there’s no parting picture of me in the airport. I didn’t sleep the night before (no 2-3 of sleep DOES NOT COUNT AS SLEEP). 1,201 more words


5 Most Mysterious & Unsolved Underwater Mysteries

Planet Earth is surrounded by 71% water, and with that comes most of the world’s wonders and mysteries that drive us all insane trying to figure out, but there are some that are especially thought to provoke… 38 more words

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Feeling The Burn Up

Arrival of the Norse in North America added to local anxiety over recent influxes of refugees from Aztecs, Incas and Mayans from the south…

The beat is steady. 690 more words

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Voyages Into History: Mexico

Welcome back to “Voyages into History,” and this week we travel to one of my most traveled and favorite countries, one with a very long and interesting history, Mexico. 966 more words

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Chapter 18 (Revolution)

The total eclipse was terrifying to the people because the sun was their most sacred object. They even had two gods for the sun not only one. 460 more words


Chapter 16 (Power of the Skies)

This was an important time in history of science because Pythagoreans (and other Greeks after that) contributed a lot to Mathematics which is the holy language of everything. 442 more words