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Who are the Maya and Where Did they Come From, Anyway?

“Maya” is the common name for the massive cultural complex that once spanned almost 8 degrees of latitude and that after 3,000 years, still distinguishes itself in Mesoamerica. 772 more words


A Guide to Getting to Tikal: The Ancient Mayan Civilization

Situated in a region of the world where infrastructure is not its forte, Tikal, Guatemala can be a little difficult to get to! There are two major ways of getting there: driving or flying, neither of which are favorable, economically or logistically. 671 more words


Is Our Sun a MASSIVE UFO Stargate?

In November of 2011 there was a presentation by Nassim Haramein & Klaus Dona with newly discovered Ancient Artifacts, from deep inside a Mayan Pyramid in Mexico.


Belize’s Great Blue Hole Offers Clues about the Fall of Mayan Civilization

There have been many theories about what could have happened to make the Mayans go from being a thriving civilization to one that seemingly disappeared. Now Belize’s famous 410-foot-deep underwater cave, the Great Blue Hole, has provided evidence indicating that drought may have been the cause. 142 more words

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Mayans at the World museum...

going to this …New exhibit at the World Museum


June 17.

Xcalak must mean love in Mayan.



speaking of Tulum: the ancient Mayans decorated their temples with this statue: the Diving God, to represent the point at which the divine can descend to our world. 38 more words