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The travel bug has a twin!

You packed your bags, made 3 copies of your itinerary: one to give to your sister, one to your friend and one to keep with you on your trip because you needed to be careful traveling as single female.  224 more words


Kepler data keeps on giving

The Kepler data keeps giving us more data about potential earth-like planets in other solar systems.

This latest batch discusses planets nearly 500 light years away from our solar system. 424 more words


Ancient Mayans, east of the Urals

OK, so what do you do on your second day in Chelyabinsk?

Why walk through a gateway to the future of course. :) Well more precisely walk through an ice replica of the ancient Mayan gate to the future at Labna on the Yucatan Peninsula. 308 more words


Remembering Chiapas and San Cristobal de las Casas

Back in the states and thinking about all the wonderful things Chiapas had to offer. Before I head to South America, I had to share more of the highlights of the Southernmost region in Mexico. 323 more words

The Evolution of Drinking Chocolate

In modern times, hot chocolate is enjoyed by people around the world.  The most familiar types found in the grocery store are made up of a pre-sweetened powder that comes in a small package and may or may not contain 15% cocoa depending on the type of drink.  623 more words


The Mayans - an incomplete history

I’ve been dreading trying to write this blog for a while. We thought we’d do one blog of all the Mayan sites we’ve visited in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras – but turns out that it’s not just Mayans – but Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs and others. 1,748 more words

volunteering in guatemala [six]

so my mind has recently been blown by the generosity of friends and family.  this semester, i am taking a Global Leadership class, where we get the opportunity to spend Spring Break in Guatemala, building stoves for indigenous Mayan families. 738 more words

College Struggles