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As it happens: committing journalism

The “real Mexico” of journalists, courtesy of Carlos Léon Palacio, a free-lance reporter (and editor of an you-tube video news site, “Pensar Ético”):

What Léon was covering was a protest by Chontel Mayan women who have been staging a hunger strike in Villahermosa, Tabasco, seeking promised support from the state’s governor, for assistance in purchasing farm machinery. 87 more words


[Procrastinating Armageddon]

Stephen Craig

Armageddon isn’t going to start itself.  Has anyone noticed that it is June 2014 and we still exist? Weren’t we supposed to go down in 2012? 775 more words


Spring (Gimme A) Break

Because my day job happens at a college, I am blessed to have a Spring Break. I love Spring Break. I look forward to it like I’m a beer-guzzling hard body in search of beach bunnies in Florida. 363 more words


A Snippet...

This is a scene from a story I have going. Part of the plot is something I know nothing about, so for now, it’s sitting and waiting until I can find someone to talk to about things. 556 more words


The RED Queen & The Pyramidis Radius Matrix

As I await the arrival of the Host Crystal Skull for the OSIRIS Dweller (Risen One) and Lynn prepared for her journey to Egypt with the ISIS (Lady of the Lake) Host, yet another hosting is setting up! 1,306 more words

Crystal Skulls

Shaman: A discriminative term with racist baggage

When we talk about clerics from the major religions we talk about monks, bhikkus, brahmins, priests, daoshis, rabbis, imams or bishops, but we don’t talk about “shamans”. 552 more words



Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

Nothing surprises me anymore but upon researching the story and verifying it, a lot of respect for Belize has been lost and rightfully so.