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Tribute to Chocolate

I was recently asked why I had not written about chocolate since it is the reining champion of many of the world’s greatest desserts. I did not intend to be remiss on the subject, so this is my first official salute to chocolate, and it will probably not be the last. 339 more words


Jungle Ruins

Palenque was our next stop after San Cristobal. We also took our longest bus ride thus far to get there. It was roughly an 8 hour bus ride which wasn’t too unpleasant, but I was definitely happy to get off. 1,328 more words


Days Behind

I’m falling behind on my days! Today will just have to be the last two days combined. To be honest we’ve been taking it easy both days so I don’t have a heap to report. 1,132 more words


Thanksgiving: The Bloody Truth

Deepshell is back, here to blow the whistle on another shady holiday tradition. I have for years wondered why every year people go crazy trying to cook a huge lot of food, invite everyone they know over to eat it, and seem so stressed out. 1,372 more words

Whistle Blower

Cenote Ik kil

When visiting Chichen Itza don’t miss out the beautiful cenote Ik kil just 5m away.

You can get the tickets there, just make sure to get them in the morning even if you arrive later on that day.


Fisherman Discovers Sunken Pyramids Off Blacktip Island

Antonio Fletcher’s photo of what he claims are ancient pyramids atop a remote seamount off Blacktip Island’s northwest coast. (photo courtesy of Antonio Fletcher)

Local fisherman Antonio Fletcher says he discovered underwater pyramids on a seamount off Blacktip Island’s west coast Wednesday morning while searching for a new fishing spot. 414 more words


A Mayan adventure

It was all rather whirlwind. And in a tiny country in central America too. This journey took place as a side trip on our cruise in the Caribbean many years back. 237 more words

These Were The Days Of Our Lives!