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Chapter 18 (Revolution)

The total eclipse was terrifying to the people because the sun was their most sacred object. They even had two gods for the sun not only one. 460 more words


Chapter 16 (Power of the Skies)

This was an important time in history of science because Pythagoreans (and other Greeks after that) contributed a lot to Mathematics which is the holy language of everything. 442 more words


Mystical Vulture Visitor from the Otherworld/Spirit World.

Yesterday morning, I had what I believe to be a visit from a spirit from the Otherworld or Spirit World. I say this because I can’t find a rational explanation for the experience no matter how hard I try. 883 more words


Guatemala Day 3: Sacred Spaces

Today, I took my students to Kaminaljuyu.  This is an ancient Mayan ruin in the heart of the city.  They have excavated a good portion of it and as you can see in the photo above, you are able to walk through the ruins a bit and see up close part of the structures.   349 more words


as above, so below

thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip to Mexico. The “Mayan dance” show at the hotel reminded me of this “Aztec Princess” I had seen painted on a truck back in ny.