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Yo pensé que yo escribiría este introducción totalmente en Español porque yo estudió Español por siete años. Yo quiero el idioma Español. Es una idioma muy romántico y musical. 1,075 more words


The Joys of Pre-Columbian Art

Not everyone is an aficionado of primitive art—particularly the Pre-Columbian art of the Americas. Children are not taught in schools about the early civilizations of the Americas. 459 more words


Egypt theories Pt.2

We all remember 2012. There were huge storms and terrorist attacks; there was environmental and economic trouble across the globe. The Mayan calendar was ending. It was the end of the world. 330 more words



The contradiction goes all the way back to 1562, when Spanish Bishop Diego de Landa ordered some 5,000 Maya cult images and a number of codices in Mayan to be burned in the city of Mani in Yucatán (see illustration below).  505 more words


Egypt theories Pt.1

Since the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx were discovered, most academics have agreed on a set time line of the rise and fall of the Egyptian empire. 634 more words