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Meeting the Zapatistas (Coming Face to Face with the Mexican Rebel Group)

How I came face to face with the rebel group who waged war on the Mexican government. 1,029 more words


Visit Chichen Itza, Mexico

Ahh, Chichen Itza. The magnificent wonder of the world! It honestly doesn’t disappoint, other than the fact due to people defacing and damaging you cannot go inside the temple any more (spoil sports right, who even does graffiti on an ancient monument? 140 more words

Bucket List

Strolling Stones

Day two in Merida was a day of exploring. After breakfast of fruit and toast we left and walked the opposite way to the square where we had spent most of our time. 495 more words

Chocobite: Mr. Bean

There are 3 different varieties of cocoa beans – Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. Each type has a varied quality and a different kind of taste. 213 more words


Chocobite: Mayan Madness

Did you know that the Mayans were one of the first civilizations that planted cacao trees to get cocoa?

They used cacao beans as a form of currency to barter trade in exchange for food and other basic necessities like cloth or animals. 120 more words


Blessed by Mayan Shamans

It was a full moon, a Wolf Moon. Before 3:00 pm, I walked to the trail leading to the Mayan ceremony. I came upon a narrow pathway to the right, with a bowl of incense beside a large shell. 621 more words


Quest for the Lost civilization - Graham Hancock (FULL MOVIE)

What are the connection between Angkor Wat in the Jungle of Cambodia, the Pyramid in the desert of Egyptian desert, and monuments on Easter Island and in Micronesia? 169 more words