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Ancient wisdom

Among the Ancient Mayans of Peru, cow horn was thought to be a powerful antidote to snakebite, and they also used it in many anti-inflammatory preparations. 32 more words

Rockers And Reapers: The Legacy Of SAMCRO

We remember TV shows for different reasons: they’re well written, they have compelling characters and the stakes are high. One of the best shows in recent years is… 332 more words


2012: The War for Souls

2012: The War for Souls by Whitley Streiber.

Horrifying multiverse demon apocalypse. Twisty, violent, confused metaphor for faithlessness.

Happy Solstice: Death and Rebirth of the Sun

Well, the nights are drawing in, under eight hours of daylight each day. We are approaching the turning point, where the daylight periods start to get longer again. 433 more words

Weaving for a Better Life

I was in this area years ago, but was not interested in weaving yet – only the finished product.  I was gifted a beautiful jacket, purchased tablecloth sets, a lapghan, drawn by the vibrant colours and patterns. 159 more words

Colouring With Yarn

DAY 4 and 5: Beaches, Holes, and Getting Wet

I have accumulated exactly 26 mosquito bites in the last 5 days. Whether I will have any blood left in my body at the end of this trip is uncertain. 608 more words