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The Cenote

Diving into the crystal clear waters of the cenote is an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime. After a long, sweaty bike ride during which we raced and laughed like children we arrived at Gran Cenote, Tulum. 352 more words

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The world really DID end in 2012

Those crafty Mayans were right – the world came to an end in 2012!

For us British kids, it did at least. 2012 was the last hurrah of our childhood, a final stand for the idea of Britain as some great, cosmopolitan nation we could find our place in. 1,349 more words


Temple of Kukulkan: Built ~900 AC, But Named When?

When I took these pictures, I couldn’t help but to wonder about the sacrifice, planning, strength, intellect and sweat that went into this thing. And with no software! 110 more words



Lintel 16 (commissioned by Bird Jaguar IV for Structure 21), Yaxchilán, Chiapas, Mexico
Image credit: Unknown (photo) / René Marquez (edition)

The doomed splendor of the Maya unfolded against the backdrop of the rainforests of southern Mexico and Central America. 267 more words

A Smoking Alcoholic Mayan God.

The guide took us up a narrow crumbling concrete wall path lined with trash and poverty in Santiago de Atitlan. I had a moment of misgiving; where was he taking us and what was he going to do with us? 395 more words


Queso Palooza

One kabillion years from now, when I look back on my career, the work accomplishment I think I’ll be most proud of will be the time that I somehow convinced multiple coworkers to bring me different types of cheese. 463 more words

Copan, Honduras: The Paris of Maya Civilization

Let's start with macaws, breathtaking Scarlet Macaws, guacamayas galore, like flying rainbows. This is who greets you when you arrive at the ruins of Copan. 358 more words