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Anjou and the Loire (Day 8)

Malicorne-sur-Sarthe – Spay- Fillé

Saturday 01.08.2015

5 Locks  25 km

After a late start related to last nights alcohol abuse we stroll through Malicorne in order to do our shopping before the imminent weekend lock down. 358 more words


Anjou and the Loire (Day 7)

Pincé – Malincore-sur-Sarthe

Friday 31.7.2015

7 Locks  45 km

Pincé is only the tiniest of villages. No boulangerie, and not much else in fact. So we head of the find bread in Sablé-sur Sarthe. 366 more words


Anjou and the Loire (Day 5)

 Segré (l’Oudon) – La Vielle Maine – Briollay (River Sarthe)

Wednesday 29.7.2015

7 Locks  47 km

As promised in the last post, things start to look up and moods start to raise. 452 more words


Anjou and the Loire (Day 4)

 la Jaille-Yvon (River Mayenne) – Segré (l’Oudon)

Tuesday 28.7.2015

6 Locks  28 km

At Jaille-Yvon there is an activity center sporting such activities as tree-climbing, boating, canoeing and a lot more. 319 more words


Anjou and the Loire (Day3)

Ecluse La Fosse Nr.29 – la Jaille-Yvon (River Mayenne)

Monday 27.7.2015

10 Locks  34 km

After a very wet and windy night we awake to the noise of the quarry on the other side of the river. 320 more words


Anjou and the Loire (Day2)

Ecluse Moulin-Oger Nr.15 –  Ecluse La Fosse Nr.29 (River Mayenne)

Sunday 26.7.2015

14 Locks  19 km

The day starts of very wet and overcast. But we need to get her on, if we want to reach our goals (yeah, I know it’s holidays). 222 more words


Anjou and the Loire (Day1)

Mayenne – Ecluse Moulin-Oger (River Mayenne)

Saturday 25.7.2015

14 Locks  21 km

After the great success with last year’s holiday to Brittany we decided the go to France again to dodge the dodgy Irish Summer. 574 more words