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That's All?

As if surviving at the bottom of a lake or stream, passing through two dozen or more life stages (instars), shedding their skin each time wasn’t enough, mayfly nymphs eventually rise to the surface and shed their skin one last time, emerging as winged adults. 635 more words

Quill Gordon

Before the Storm Breaks

Ghostly smoke of mayflies

Drifts over

The river

In an ephemeral dance



Below a sky of thunderous


A ricocheting courtship

Of passionate aerobatics… 31 more words


Yellow Mayfly

Potamanthus luteus

A fairly large species of mayfly with a yellowish body and a brown-reddish stripe running along its back. Each section of the abdomen is marked with small black dots. 63 more words

Nature Photography

They Have Very Short Bucket Lists

Having reached the ripe old age of 420 minutes, there’s not much left for these two to do. They don’t even have mouths. If you look closely, though, they do have little moustaches like Salvador Dali. 62 more words

Quill Gordon

Swarm of mayflies ‘like a plague’ invade town

A massive swarm of mayflies has invaded the town of Havana, Illinois, creating a slippery mess and several accidents.

Havana police tell NewsChannel 4 that it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. 79 more words


Mayflies swarm causing car crashes and havoc on bridge

Mayflies swarmed an Illinois roadway Sunday, causing traffic accidents and leaving vehicles stranded.

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