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My OpenStack Vancouver Session Promotion Dilemma - please, vote outside your block

We need people to promote their OpenStack Sessions, but how much is too much?

Semi-annually, I choose to be part of the growing dog pile of OpenStack summit submissions.   221 more words


Fly Fishing: Tying a Foam-body Mayfly

Early 1990s, a log cabin in the Pocono Mountains — My father sits like a statue, his eyes pin-hole lasers on the small contraption in front of him. 622 more words

Fly Fishing

Deschutes River Winter Trout.

We have been talking about the Blue-Winged Olive, BWO hatch on the Deschutes River. Last time we talked about a great rigging system for imitating the nymphs on their voyage up to the surface to hatch and become adults. 396 more words

Deschutes Fishing Reports

It's Winter on the Deschutes River

Last time we talked about baetis mayflies, the blue winged olives, (BWO’s).  The BWO’s hatch here all year long, but they play a special role for us during the winter. 494 more words

Deschutes Fishing Reports

Best patterns to catch Deschutes River Trout in the winter

I believe this is the best combination of flies to catch winter Deschutes River Trout, and I will tell WHY.  First of all this photo is not to scale and it doesn’t show line connections between flies. 248 more words

Deschutes Fishing Reports

Research showing that Short Lived Servers ("mayflies") create efficiency at scale [DATA REQUESTED]

Last summer, Josh McKenty and I extended the puppies and cattle metaphor to limited life cattle we called “mayflies.” It was an attempt to help drive the cattle mindset (I think of it as social engineering, or maybe… 372 more words


Mayflies in motion

For all you mayfly enthusiasts out there (I know you must be out there), I have uploaded a video for your enjoyment. Through studying Australian insects, I have learned that there is a dearth of visual media of most Australian species. 130 more words