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More Macro Mayflies and Musical Mayhem

As if making the transition from aquatic nymph to airborne adult (imago) wasn’t enough, mayflies do so without passing through a pupal stage. Instead, they emerge from their nymphal shuck with fully formed wings as a… 374 more words

Quill Gordon

Officials prepare for the potential for mayflies on bridge over Susquehanna River

COLUMBIA, Pa. – It’s been two years since mayflies infested the Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Susquehanna River, and it’s something that is only now being seen as lighthearted. 358 more words


Siphlonurus phyllis, Siphlonuridae, male

Missoula, MT
May 9, 2017
Robert Niese

I know relatively little about aquatic macro-invertebrates, but they are a very well-studied group of organisms due to their importance in understanding stream ecology and health. 49 more words

Pacific Northwest

Police advise caution on Route 462 bridge due to mayflies

WRIGHTSVILLE, Pa. — Street lights have been turned off on the Veterans Memorial Bridge between York and Lancaster counties, and police are advising drivers to use extra caution when crossing the bridge at night. 78 more words


Macro Mayflies and Musical Mayhem for Your Monday

People come to these pages for many reasons. Some actually subscribe and come on purpose but others simply stumble in as the result of tragic search engine accidents. 583 more words

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Objects May Be Smaller Than They Appear

There are those who believe places like this simply emerge from the mist at the beginning of each season, like some rustic Brigadoon.

Those people have never chased a possum from beneath a bunk with a broom. 484 more words

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