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Female Mayflies Live Less Than 5 Minutes

So when they say “You only live once”, they really mean it… 23 more words


7 Ways to Get Rid of Mayflies

Mayflies are harmless.  Based on scientific research accumulated, mayfly nymphs are vital to the freshwater ecosystem. They prevent large build-ups in aquatic algae and detritus. They also serve as food sources for many predators. 105 more words

Get Rid Of Mayfly

The Same Old Thing

There is a lightning-scarred hemlock on a “corner,” where a small cove projects from the main body of Fish in a Barrel Pond. I know that casting a red humpy into the shade of that tree will often bring a trout rocketing to the surface from six feet down, up the face of a submerged ledge. 662 more words

Quill Gordon

That's All?

As if surviving at the bottom of a lake or stream, passing through two dozen or more life stages (instars), shedding their skin each time wasn’t enough, mayfly nymphs eventually rise to the surface and shed their skin one last time, emerging as winged adults. 635 more words

Quill Gordon


or with simpler pronunciation, Mayfly.

Honestly, I am not familiar with what a Mayfly is. Never heard of one, learned about one, let alone seen one. 455 more words

Before the Storm Breaks

Ghostly smoke of mayflies

Drifts over

The river

In an ephemeral dance



Below a sky of thunderous


A ricocheting courtship

Of passionate aerobatics… 31 more words