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Question of the Week: Mayflies

Last week the question was:  What are the bugs all over the side of this dock?

These are mayflies.  Mayflies spend the majority of their lives in the water as nymphs feeding on algae and organic matter.   52 more words

Question Of The Week

Even More Macro Mayflies and Musical Mayhem (But Is It Art?)

Some say a well-cast fly line is art. The graceful flex of a rod and a tight loop unfurling is exquisite unless, of course, someone is using their “art” to poach your hole while you’re still fishing it; then those 80-ft casts are something else entirely. 458 more words

Quill Gordon

Wildlife Wednesday: A Slow Flow

My daily dog walk takes us along a stretch of our local river (the Rhee) that Sadie loves to swim in, especially on the way back, when she is hot and panting. 848 more words


More Macro Mayflies and Musical Mayhem

As if making the transition from aquatic nymph to airborne adult (imago) wasn’t enough, mayflies do so without passing through a pupal stage. Instead, they emerge from their nymphal shuck with fully formed wings as a… 374 more words

Quill Gordon