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May 7

Morning in Maymont —

For our last few hours in Richmond we headed to Maymont park. We saw the bears, and the horse drawn carriage, and the bald eagles, as well as the brooks and streams, and all the many varieties of plants and their beautifully landscaped sections. 56 more words


Super Original Couple Gets Engagement Photos Taken in Garden Archway at Maymont

RICHMOND, Va. — Six months after the official marriage proposal, Richmond residents Lindsey Davis and Trevor Craig spent the day getting engagement photos taken at one of Richmond’s most popular outdoor spots, Maymont Park. 234 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: DENSE

This week’s photo challenge:

“This week, let’s get into the thick of things…share your take on “dense.””


A tree (cherry? apple? something else? I’m not sure!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: GREEN!

This week’s photo challenge:

“Sometimes it’s fun to take a step back from interpretive challenges and just celebrate a color: green!”


I found some notable green today, at…

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Renowned Birdwatcher Mistakes Byrd Park for Bird Park; Disappointed in Richmond Visit

RICHMOND, Va.—Moping dejectedly in the parking lot of Byrd Park, Hal Hopkins, Maryland resident, sits on the back of his Subaru Outback with his arms crossed. 259 more words


Maymont Bears Totally Ghosting On Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. – After weeks of on-again, off-again texts, noncommittal appearances, and half-assed sightings, the Richmond community has finally decided to officially break things off with the famed Maymont black bears. 236 more words


Richmond Getaway

If you have a chance to steal away to Richmond, VA….do it! Some call it the “Brooklyn of the South” and I can totally see why! 849 more words