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Celebrate the important work of honeybees at the 4th Annual Bumblebee Jamboree

RICHMOND, Va – Chesterfield County Master Gardener Rick McCormick brought along some honeybee helpers to demonstrate the important role bees serve in pollinating stable crop plants that feed humankind. 47 more words

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Workout in the Park

Hey, RVA!  We’ll be working out in Maymont Park (near the mansion) 1700 Hampton St Entrance THIS SUNDAY from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Our own Ruby Rottweiler will be leading the workout, with a warm-up, fun activities and it’s open to all ages. 29 more words

Nurture your green thumb at Maymont's Herbs Galore & More

RICHMOND, Va – Mark Ragland, Committee Member for Maymont’s Herbs Galore & More, gave us an exciting look into what attendees can expect at this year’s gardening extravaganza. 85 more words

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Grow your own herbs and vegetables in your potted garden

RICHMOND, Va – Nicole Schermerhorn, of Lavender Fields Herb Farm, walked Virginia This Morning Co-Host Jessica Noll through some steps to starting your own potted garden. 87 more words

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Irises are in peak bloom just in time for Maymont's Herbs Galore & More

RICHMOND, Va – Mike Lockatell of Roots & Blooms is excited to be a part of this year’s Maymont Herbs Galore & More event, coming just in time for the peak blooming cycle for beautiful irises. 77 more words

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Dominion's 'Project Plant It' connects students to the environment

RICHMOND, Va – Project Plant It! is a program developed by Dominion to connect third-grade level student with nature and to learn the importance of trees and the environment. 104 more words

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An organic diet can help you avoid consuming harmful chemicals

RICHMOND, Va – Eating organic foods helps you avoid harmful chemicals, which is key to a healthy lifestyle. Amy Hicks, Owner of Amy’s Garden, is a part of Maymont’s Herbs Galore & More event and shared some insights with us about the importance and benefits of organic gardening. 72 more words

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