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Mayor Bloomberg has dipped his oar into the hubbub over whether a Holocaust memorial in Brooklyn should honor non-Jewish victims of Nazi atrocities. Yesterday Assemblyman Dov Hikind held a protest at the memorial in Sheepshead Bay to protest the Parks Department’s plans to commemorate all Nazi victims, including the disabled, homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and political prisoners.

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NYC ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Investigation for The New York Observer

‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Investigation for the New York Observer

When New York City initiated their plan (headed by mayor Bloomberg) for the next fleet of mandatory city taxis (named the “Taxi of Tomorrow”) starting from 2013 onwards, there were no plans to introduce any models that would be wheelchair accessible. 2,025 more words

Revealed: The Secret Origin of the Feud Between Chris Christie and NYPD

The law-and-order governor of New Jersey and the largest police force in America used to be mad love. But now we get bad blood. And it dates back four years to the day. 1,951 more words

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The History of the Big Gulp

In the 1970s the average can of soda weighed about six ounces. Nowadays you can buy one weighing 32 ounces or more from 7-11s and other convenience stores. 717 more words


Conversation with Hitchens Photographer

You probably know these images, or others by this photographer (and you may even have appropriated them for a posting or used them for a meme).   311 more words