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Modern America: Too Many Guns, Not Enough Bullet Trains


Here at WRD we strive to not only entertain the content hungry masses, but educate as well. In a world of fake news and real olds, it’s nice to have a source of reliable information from the young, totally diverse and unbiased team here at your favorite wordpress.com blog. 1,219 more words

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The Groundhog, the Mayor and the Lunar Eclipse

Who needs, “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe,” when you have a real-life story about “The Groundhog, the Mayor and the Lunar Eclipse”

Back in 2008/2009, I first got my feet wet in the writing pool by writing on this great site called, Helium.  376 more words


Everytown For Gun Safety

Erin Dando was a mom living in South Carolina with her family five years ago when the shooting at Sandy Hook School took place.  She recalled walking home with her children from school and for the first time feeling that her children might not be safe. 322 more words


The History of the Big Gulp

In the 1970s the average can of soda weighed about six ounces. Nowadays you can buy one weighing 32 ounces or more from 7-11s and other convenience stores. 717 more words


FY 2015 Census Bureau Data on Public School Spending In New York: Robbed, Sneered At, Resented and Sued

If you live in New York State, there is a lawsuit that claims you have it too good. Your taxes are too low, despite being the highest in the country at the state and local level combined, and too much money is being spent on public services other than public schools, such as mass transit, social services, housing, parks, libraries, everything else. 4,674 more words