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London looks set to elect first Muslim mayor

LONDON – London was on track to become the first EU capital with a Muslim mayor as voters went to the polls Thursday after a bitter campaign between Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives and the opposition Labour party. 629 more words

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Bristol mayoral election: Inner-city voter predictions

BSMG — As the polls closed for the PCC, mayoral and councillor elections, we asked inner-city voters what did they think about the elections and their predictions for the results – which will be announced on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. 254 more words


The American Chronicles - Ep. 016 - Kyle Stanley for Sugar Land Mayor

Today, a conversation with Kyle Stanley, a member of the Houston Young Republicans running for Mayor of Sugar Land, Texas. Kyle discusses the challenges Sugar Land faces, his knowledge of the problems, and his solutions for the city. 12 more words


WATCH: Advertisement Showing Children Paid by Sen. Trillanes to Criticize Mayor Duterte!

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The online world is now being bombarded by a viral video emphasizing the radical and extreme behavior of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. 22 more words

Cupertino's mayor is furious at Apple: 'They abuse us'

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Apple is building a $5 billion new campus in Cupertino, California and is the largest employer in the city. So you’d expect Cupertino’s mayor, Barry Chang, to have a close relationship with the company. 432 more words


READ: Mayor Duterte's Untold Story Revealed! SHOCKING!

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It’s just a few days before the election and it’s high time for us to research about the candidates further, especially those who are running in the presidential race. 11 more words

Jail no barrier to political career in Philippines

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Walking off stage after a rock star-like performance and rapturous crowd reaction, Sajid Ampatuan oozes confidence that he will be elected mayor of a southern Philippine town despite facing charges of mass murder. 837 more words

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