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Spiral Dance

Editor’s Note: The ancient Celts celebrated the movements of the seasons in a series of eight festivals, usually accompanied by mythological connotations that sought to explain the mysteries of nature as they saw them. 187 more words


Healing for Hawthorns


It’s spring! That means the Hawthorns are already beginning to bud in northern Illinois. Over the last few years, I have come to adore this tree. 340 more words


Easter Eggs!

I adore Easter Eggs! There is something so exciting and wonderful about them: Partly it’s the high level of sheer chocolate heavenliness; partly the symbolism and mythology (so rich, so universal, so sweet!) – and partly the multi-coloured, oh such fun to play with, boxes they come in… 542 more words


Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live @ TOM

What do you do when you’re BAFTA-award-winning, ridiculously-well-connected, mellifluously-smooth-voiced comedy supremo Matt Berry and you’re allowed to do whatever you want? Why, you make prog-folk-rock with your mates I suppose. 434 more words