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Mazda MX-5 Vs Fiat 124 Spider - which one is right for you?

Hell, I really don’t know whether to suggest you opt for the MX-5, or the new Fiat Spider.

A fantastic dilemma to have but both cars offer so much and, considering they sit on the same platform, it hard to believe they are so closely related. 121 more words


The All-New Mazda3 | Is it for me...?

Redesigned and now fully equipped with SKYACTIV Technology. The Mazda3 is the first model stated by Mazda to offer internet connectivity to apps such as Facebook and Twitter.   77 more words

Genuine Auto Accessories Installation Instructions: Can I install that myself?

With decades of experience as a Parts Manager at new car dealerships I could not begin to count how many times I have been asked by a customer “Can I install that myself?”. 300 more words


Zoom-Zoom and the Ultimate Driving Machines

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it has been a very busy 2 weeks to say the least.  Lots going on with my car, mixed in with some car shopping for my son, add in a few automotive reviews, all make for a very tired Perk. 1,316 more words


Auto Nsider Review: 2017 Mazda CX-3

Little limo?    The Mouse that Roared?    5-Door Miata?

There’s a lot of names we could call Mazda’s little CX-3, but boring wouldn’t be one of them. 456 more words


Back in the Saddle

Wow… It’s been a over a year since my last post. I guess this is the challenge for anyone with a project car, a young family and a house that needs maintaining. 481 more words

Kit Car

Has the Fiat Spider got the legs to beat the Mazda MX-5?

For those of you lucky enough to be stuck in a dilemma over whether to buy an MX-5 or the new Fiat 124 Spider (pictured) I have to say there is no easy fix. 128 more words