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Just Opened: OMSI's Mazes

You’ve played Mouse Trap and even tackled Bella Organic’s annual fall corn maze. Take your brood’s love of games, puzzles and everything brain-teasing to the next level at Mazes, the brand new exhibit at OMSI that gives a whole new meaning to family game night. 476 more words

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Ultimate Painting-Ultimate Painting

Mood Monday.

The ice and snow didn’t show up this time, but the bone chilling cold and dampness feels as if it should’ve arrived.

Yep, Atlanta was prepared for the gloom and doom of a second snowmageddon. 249 more words


Cavern and Cobold - The History


An idea was held by me. The idea was for the player to survey a large valley cut through the middle of the world. This would be a multiple maze, due to an avenue being started again once it reached one of the horizontal extremes. 248 more words

Fiction Friday: Friendly Warning

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Friendly Warning

Nigel said, “Friendly warning: The maze has its own ideas. 97 more words



Back by popular demand with the help of this week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt, the story of Madeline continues. She is an intriguing one, that woman whose past is catching up to her with lightning speed. 115 more words


Friday Fictioneers - 2/6/15 -- 'The Call of the Chitwood'

Friday Fictioneers is a fun way to interact with other writers around the world and also to hone and discipline your writing skill by forcing yourself to tell a whole story in just 100 words.   143 more words