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Easter Island, MazeToons Sunday September 25th 2016

Today’s MazeToons features the Moai of Easter Island. I’ve always been fascinated by Easter Island. This maze was inspired by seeing one of the statues online and finding out that their eyes were originally painted. 24 more words


Ancient History: The Lost Mazes of Joe Wos

Every now and then I will be sent some artwork of mine that a teacher or friend finds in a drawer somewhere. Part of me dreads seeing it! 355 more words


KEVA Planks again

KEVA Planks, as I have written about at least twice before, and what I recommend as one of the top three choices for a Makerspace, have again taken the school by storm in the first month of school. 214 more words

Mazes and Sunflowers, Oh My!

I’m 90% sure that I wrote somewhere on here that my sister moved to Louisiana. Her being in a different state means she can’t make plans with us over in Jersey for the weekend like she wants to. 361 more words