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Game of the Week: Bubble Maze

After helping Poe the Frog complete his mysterious quest in Windy Hollows, now is the perfect chance to meet our friend! Head into Bubble Maze and go high above our magical townspeople to explore a maze with twists and turns you will never expect! 34 more words

Windy Hollows

"Craft" Lovers Should Enjoy Mazecraft [Video]

Kids love their Minecraft and so do adults so a crafting game about mazes might be equally as fun. Mazecraft by indie developer Hyper Liger might be the next big thing in crafting games. 302 more words

Gaming & App News

Photos: The world’s most impressive outdoor mazes and labyrinths

Outdoor mazes and labyrinths have captured our imagination for centuries, harking back to King Minos of Crete’s elaborate, winding structure to corral the hulking Minotaur in Greek mythology. 610 more words

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“All labyrinths are one labyrinth.  All mazes meet in the center.  There is a portion of space that all labyrinths share, a space common to every place in which paths fork and join and diverge once more.”

–Neil Gaiman, Brief Lives


Suspense, good story, almost comes to nought

The Maze Runner

Year: 2014, Genre: Action, Young adult/Teen, Warnings—violence

This film opens with Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) thrust into grasslands from an underground chute. There, he finds lots of young men who are like school boys loitering around on lunch break, but their talk is nowhere near as gritty as the meanest boarding school. 188 more words


Life's Labyrinth

(Small note: I’ll be a rarity for a few days.  Long trip there and back and not 100% certain I’ll have Internet access very often.) 81 more words


Mazes in Movies

I recently watched “The Maze Runner” and was amazed at how mazes are used in movies. I would like to share a few movies and how they have been using mazes to amaze us. 242 more words