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‘Accidental’ Search for Enlightenment (Without Drugs)

A bit more than two years ago I went in search of enlightenment in the jungles of Peru by means of ayahuasca. I didn’t quite meet the divine as expected, but an insightful experience it was nevertheless. 806 more words


Wowed in Oaxaca

Twenty years ago Russell and I honeymooned in Mexico, traveling for two weeks between Huatulco, on the coast of Oaxaca, and Mexico City, and so to celebrate our anniversary we decided to revisit the Oaxacan Coast seeing how much the cities of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido had changed.  2,190 more words

Latin America

Landing at the 'Nido de Aguilas'

After sailing we went for holidays. In its true sense, rented a room at the beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico and did no more than feed ourselves with deliciously fresh fruits and vegetables all day long. 580 more words

Oaxaca - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

Bacalar to Oaxaca is a rather long trip overland, so we stopped overnight en route in Villahermosa which, although too functional a city to live up to its name fully, does have its hidden gems, including an historic centre with some enjoyable walks. 378 more words


Mexico Trip Report Part 11: Laguna de Ventanilla

We had seen plenty of dolphins the day before, as they demonstrated their sheer force of power by majestically flying through the ocean waves requiring seemingly no effort at all. 426 more words