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Mazunte: Your next beach vacation if you have any sense

I sort of understand the appeal of places like Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. You can fly straight there from Canada and the US, maybe you found a travel deal with an all-inclusive hotel and you don’t want to use any mental energy because you have two weeks holiday and you’re fucking tired. 3,019 more words


Hola, ola.

Yo se que mi espanol es tan feo. Y no se como hacer acentos en mi tablet. Lo siento, lo siento.


El vendador de gas, 88 more words


I must say I’ve been pretty revolutionary in my beach, books, cards, Mezcal routine recently. Mazunte was a continuation of the same, but in a small, cute, hippy beach town this time. 150 more words



He makes me wonder what I’m blind to.

My second day here we had a love circle at 5pm in the shalah. I had no expectations, something I’ve worked hard at. 1,244 more words

And on the Seventh Day they Rested Somewhere New

Two weeks to kill until Guatemala 8.0. Feel like trying three different beaches and a central plaza? You bet. So, let’s say, Zipolite, Mazunte, Puerto Angel and finish up in Crucecita. 1,862 more words

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French nudists and freak tornados on the Oaxaca Coast

If you ever want to stay in a discreet nudist hotel, look out on Tripadvisor for codewords like ‘broadminded’, ‘especially for adults’ and ‘not child-friendly’. If you choose judiciously you may, upon walking through the door, be delighted – just like we weren’t – to see two French tourists splayed out in all their flaccid glory in the alfresco bar/reception area, umbrellas in their drinks and gallic pudenda making the most of the warm sea breeze*. 1,306 more words


Punta Cometa

Punta Cometa Mazunte, Oaxaca

This magical place holds a special spot in my heart, this is where I spread my mother’s ashes to the sea. One of the best places to see sunrises and sunsets when in Oaxaca.