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Mazunte in Cincinnati, Ohio

Josh Wamsley, owner of Mazunte, moved to Mexico in order to learn how to cook authentic mexican food that he could bring back to his home in Cincinnati, Ohio. 15 more words


I am that

Two weeks later

49 days and two weeks later

It’s been two weeks. Seems like ages ago, but still somehow very fresh. It’s fresh inside me. 474 more words



I have heard so many good things about this place, but it seemed like every time I wanted to go there they were closed. Turns out that’s just because I usually eat out on Sundays and they are closed on Sundays. 331 more words


Amazing sunset at Punta Cometa, Mazunte, Mexico

After one week in Chiapas, exploring Mayan pyramids in the jungle, we made a stop at Mazunte, a “hippy” town on the Mexican Pacific coast, close to Puerto Escondido. 358 more words


Battle of the Beaches: Oaxaca v. Chiapas

Continuing our travels south, we waited on the side of the ‘highway’ (where the mountain road from San Mateo joins back up to the main  1,072 more words


Feb 28, 2015 Mazunte

It is hot
and there are girls
with the smallest
bikini`s or no
lounging and swimming
none running
that would be too cruel
at least for me… 40 more words

Tongue & Tripe: It's What's for Dinner at Mazunte

There’s something in the margaritas at Mazunte.

And in the tacos. And in the guacamole. And in everything that comes out of their open kitchen. 1,172 more words