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Two Weeks Review

Two Weeks is a 2013, 16 episode MBC action thriller starring Lee Joon Ki. It was written by So Hyung Kyung (Brilliant Legacy, Prosecutor Princess and 49 Days) and directed by Son Hyung Seok (Personal Taste) and Choi Jung Kyu. 793 more words


Scholar Who Walks the Night - Week 7

We have one of our good guys turned a sexy (but mindless and literally bloodthirsty) vampire this week! This aside, there is still no progress from our good guys in eliminating Gwi, and their number is shrinking as the King kills himself as he had failed in his lifelong mission in killing Gwi. 375 more words


'Show Champion' Minggu Ini Tidak Tayang, Digantikan 'Prime Concert'

MBC Music ‘Show Champion‘ minggu ini tidak tayang.
Menurut akun resmi Twitternya pada tanggal 31 Agustus, “Rabu 2 September 19:00 ‘Show Champion’ telah dibatalkan. Sebaliknya, ‘Prime Concert‘ dijadwalkan untuk mengudara, jadi tolong jangan… – Read More >> … 6 more words

Hwajung - Week 19

After much trouble to get married, the first day post-wedding begins another round of chaos, with Lee Gwal’s men storming the Department of Artillery (where all of Jung-myeong’s people are gathered), hauling Jung-myeong’s supporters and herself away. 670 more words


Hundred Year Inheritance Review [SPOILERS]

This drama is one of my favorites – of all time.  It’s 50 episodes long and ran for the first half of 2013 on MBC. It was written by Goo Hyun Sook and directed by Joo Sung Woo (the pairing that would later bring us Legendary Witch). 436 more words