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Final Review: Lookout

sab: On the whole, I enjoyed the pace of Lookout’s narrative, even with its obvious slowing down in the trial of Chief Prosecutor Yoon. Mainly it’s Lookout’s plot twists that make the show engaging, plus a stellar performance by Kim Young-kwang as Leader and of cos, Lee Shi-young’s action moves. 780 more words


K-Drama Reaction: Ruler: Master of the Mask | Episodes 33-34

“Someday, you will find out that there is far more happiness in another’s happiness than in your own.”

~ Le Père Goriot (1835), Honoré de Balzac… 837 more words

K-drama Reactions

Drama Review - Dad I'll Take Care of You (MBC, 2017)

I’m disappointed how this turned out in the end, boring and typical of the weekenders although on the bright side, it’s better than Our Gab-soon… 634 more words


Ruler: Master of The Mask

Oryginalna nazwa: 군주-가면의 주인
Gatunek: historyczny, melodramat, romans, polityczny
Czas emitowania: 10 maja 2017 – 13 lipca 2017
Ilość Odcinków: 40 x 30 min… 490 more words


Lookout: Twists and Turns

The sense of dread over a premature exposure of Do-han’s identity as Leader and the nail biting Cat and Mouse game between the police and the vigilantes come to an end when Do-han announces in Chief Prosecutor Yoon’s face that he is the son of accused “spy” Lee Shin-hyuk. 443 more words